Guide to Buying Minimalist Furniture

If you want to renovate your home using the minimalist style, read this guide! We'll help you choose the right type of furniture to meet your needs and suit this look.
Guide to Buying Minimalist Furniture

Last update: 03 September, 2022

You’ve probably heard the saying that less is more. Moreover, you’re probably reading this right now because minimalism is the style you want to achieve. Minimalist furniture and style gained strength in the 70s and, since then, it’s gone beyond the borders of decor.

It’s now consolidated itself as a philosophy of life. Keep reading as we guide you through the process of choosing minimalist furniture and having more style at home with less effort.

Seven characteristics of minimalist furniture

When it comes to furnishing your home in a minimalist style, you must keep in mind that the furniture you choose is, above all, the essential factor. You have to consider colors, shape, and size, alongside the functionality and purpose of the furniture you choose. Below, we’ll review the main characteristics of minimalist furniture:

  1. It takes up very little space. After all, its intention is to convey the feeling of openness.
  2. Integrates hidden storage to avoid cluttering the room.
  3. Multi-purpose qualities. For example, ottomans can be used as footrests, as temporary seating, or as side tables.
  4. Details and lines are clean, flat, and direct. Far from detracting from elegance, this feature makes minimalist furniture stand out more.
  5. They maintain a monochromatic color palette. Classic minimalism focuses on neutral and light colors, such as white, beige, gray, and pastels.
  6. Simple coatings and finishes without complications. The main material of the minimalist style is wood. They avoid patterns, detail,s or voluminous ornamentation.
  7. They’re cozy and comfortable. As we’ve already mentioned, the goal of furniture is functionality. It’s for this reason that they’re practical and ultimately, comfortable.

Minimalist furniture: colors

Despite all this, in recent years minimalism has included stronger colors, such as red and burgundy. It’s also played with more striking designs, without leaving aside its essence. All minimalist furniture works best when combined with the right lighting and in a space that respects its philosophy.

Get to know all the details of your guide to buying minimalist furniture.
Get to know all the details of your guide to buying minimalist furniture.

What kind of furniture is right for your home?

Minimalism is characterized by the correct use and distribution of decorative elements in the home. Each space has different needs, so here are some ideas when buying minimalist furniture:

Minimalist furniture for your bedrooms

Bedrooms with a minimalist style are usually made up of a bed with nightstands, and a dresser with a mirror. The lamps are usually floor lamps or if they’re table lamps, they’re small in size.

In terms of organization, this style is characterized by having empty spaces, so storage will be essential in your bedroom. The objective is that no elements of personal organization, clothing, or shoes are visible.

For your living room and dining room

In the living room and dining room, you only need to have enough chairs for the number of people who live with you. The size of the sofa has no limitations, it can have as many seats as you like. The important thing is not to overload it with cushions. Scatter cushions and textiles should be as simple as possible.

For your library

A library with all the necessary and well-organized books, a mirror, a couple of paintings, a coffee table with a single decorative element, and a small plant are the best compliment.

A classic rule of minimalist home furnishings is one in, one out. If you add any new item, take something out!

Your kitchen

The kitchen should look tidy, and the counter shouldn’t have anything on it, so this space also needs to have good storage. Wires should be covered and hidden and nothing more than a cupboard and the necessary appliances should be used.

Minimalism in the kitchen will not only convey a feeling of spaciousness, but it’ll also allow it to look cleaner.


The bathroom, like the rest of the rooms, shouldn’t have much in sight, other than soap and a hand towel. The furniture is usually the sink that’s accompanied by a mirror.

Lighting is essential to create more space, also a relatively large mirror can create the same effect.

In this guide you will learn how to buy minimalist furniture for the different spaces of the house.
In this guide, you’ll learn how to buy minimalist furniture for the different spaces of your home.

Buying minimalist furniture for your home

Now that you know the characteristics of this type of style and how to take advantage of it in each space of your home, you’re ready to learn the best buying tips.

People make many mistakes when purchasing minimalist furniture for the home, mostly due to inexperience.

Tips for buying minimalist furniture

  • Invest in quality: for some reason, people often think that the key to decorating with minimalist furniture is to invest in objects that are disposable and can be thrown away in a couple of years due to their dubious quality. Nothing is further from reality. If your intention is to maintain the style in the medium or long term, the best thing you can do is invest in quality furniture.
  • Choose an outstanding piece of furniture: one that’s the center of attention. One that stands out above the others. Buy this piece first, so additional purchases are based on the main design, color, and texture.
  • Opt for several materials: with the aim that these give variety to the space. Try to keep the colors under the same spectrum of tones, or ensure they combine well with each other. Include different materials such as glass, canvas, fabric, wood, and ceramics.
  • Add your personal touch: after all, you’ll be the one who enjoys the space and the one who’ll spend the most time in it. By all means, take into account the suggestions of your friends, family, and interior design experts, but it’s essential that you give it your personal touch. Otherwise, you’ll end up living in a space that doesn’t represent you.

Enjoy your style!

Buying minimalist furniture for your home doesn’t imply spending a fortune. Neither does it have to be a headache either. The important thing is to enjoy the style of your home. The latter is very important since the intention is that it provides you with peace and serenity above anything else.

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