Ideas For Lighting a Room Without Windows

After reading this article, you'll lose your fear of windowless rooms. Discover how a few simple tricks will help you illuminate an otherwise dark and gloomy area.
Ideas For Lighting a Room Without Windows

Last update: 12 September, 2021

For many people, a room without windows is the same as a horror movie! They believe that it’s impossible to illuminate the space and make this a room like any other. Well, in this article, we’ll share some ideas that’ll make you think more about lighting a room without windows.

Although the ideal will always be to have a naturally lit space, when this opportunity isn’t possible, there are still many available options.

Ideas for lighting a room without windows

If you have a room at home without windows, don’t condemn it to be a gloomy attic. We’ll give you some ideas that you can apply to achieve a space with nothing for rooms with windows to envy. Continue reading!

Choose a light color palette

Old-fashioned home: painting the walls

The first thing we can do to illuminate a room without windows is to paint the walls. In these cases not all colors go well–simply choose a light palette. In addition, you can also paint the ceiling and the floor, so there will be more uniformity.

Now, what’s the ideal color? In these types of spaces the king of colors is white, but it doesn’t have to be the only option. Depending on how you’ll use the room, you can choose colors such as pale pink or light blue. All those that provide shine and luminosity.

Another key aspect to consider is the furniture, try to find a balance between the color of the furniture, decorative objects and the walls. The best colors for your decoration will also be light ones.

Take care of artificial lighting

Not having a source of natural light requires you to take care of artificial lighting. If we’re talking about a small room or one that lacks high ceilings, it’s best to forget about using chandeliers.

What does come in handy is the use of recessed lights or floor lamps. Anything that doesn’t stand out, such as LED lighting and fixtures, is welcome. Even, (depending on the use of this room), you can mix several lighting options among those that we’ve mentioned.

Lighting a room without windows: include indoor plants


Among the countless indoor plants that we have at our disposal, we can use those that can survive without natural light. In this way, they’ll contribute in decorative terms and generate a fresh and natural environment.

This is a visual trick: it’s obvious that the plants don’t illuminate. But when you turn on the light in the room and see that outstanding green tone between white walls, a positive feeling is generated. Equally, because there are no windows, there’s no other distraction.

Plants that grow well without direct sunlight include ferns, anthuriums, calathea, and some orchids.

Make your own window

One of the newest ideas for lighting a room without windows is to create one. That’s correct! Although, it’s not about opening a hole in the wall–more about pretending that there is a window. To accomplish this, it’s ideal to frame a mirror.

You can decorate the frame of the mirror so that it looks like a window or add your own design. You can also bring out your artistic talent and paint a landscape on it. In either case, the mirror will add an almost lifelike effect. In addition, it’ll help to project the light.

Eliminate doors: lighting a room without windows

Separation elements of a loft.

Yes! Don’t be afraid to eliminate the doors of any room that doesn’t have windows. In this way, the light that enters other spaces of your home will find its way to the room without windows. It may not be enough to light up every space, but it’ll play its part.

On the other hand, the air will also circulate much better and you’ll avoid bad odors and humidity. Therefore, it’s also convenient to maintain the room’s hygiene and promote ventilation, which you can do through a ceiling fan.

Go ahead and light up your room without windows!

Now you know that it’s not torturing to have a room without windows, it’s a space that requires innovation and nothing more. The use of the indicated colors and decorative elements will enhance all the attributes of the space and make it a warm and comfortable place.

Being successful with the decoration of these spaces can achieve such an effect that no one even notices the lack of windows and that the light is artificial and not natural. It’s wonderful!