Floor Lamps That'll Illuminate Every Corner of Your Home

Floor lamps can give an extra boost of lighting and style to your home. Take a look at how to use them to your advantage.
Floor Lamps That'll Illuminate Every Corner of Your Home

Last update: 29 September, 2020

Floor lamps are a practical and aesthetically pleasing item to take into account for your home. Good lighting is key for a comfortable and welcoming home. However, many people often overlook this important aspect. Poorly lit spaces, over time, become a real headache.

So, the trick is to use several light sources: ceiling lamps, table lamps, indirect lights, or even luminous string lights. Anything goes to create a cozy environment for your home.

How to create good lighting in your home

Some lighting on a wall.

The first thing you need for good lighting is to carefully plan your space. Therefore, take into account the activity that takes place in each room. By doing so, you can design different areas and corners to give them the right light. You don’t need the same brightness in the kitchen as in the bedroom.

For example, in the living room, dimmer lighting would transform it into a quiet reading room or space where you could lounge with friends or family.

It’s also important to define the temperature of the light: cool or warm. Surely you’ve been in somebody’s house and felt uncomfortable as if you were at the dentist’s office? This is due to the color of the light since it plays a fundamental role in the atmosphere. The wrong bulb can affect the entire room!

Again, it’ll all depend on the use of the space as to whether you use warm or cool light. Work areas, such as the dining room, kitchen, and bathrooms call for cool lighting, while the rest of the house needs much warmer and more welcoming light. Here, floor lamps are important.

Floor lamps – your best friends

A floor lamp and chair in a home.
Image: amazon.es

By now you know that a room isn’t lit by just one light source. This is because it must have a way of completely being illuminated.

Taking this into consideration, set the room up with several light sources that go well together: floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lamps.

This way, you won’t always need to turn on the ceiling light if it’s too intense and you’re just looking for a moment of relaxation. Furthermore, you can reduce your electricity bill and play much more with the ambiance you want to offer for each occasion and each area of your house. As if this wasn’t enough, there are some real works of art when it comes to floor lamps.

Floor lamps made of natural materials

You can have soft lighting and create a warm and cozy atmosphere thanks to this bamboo lamp that’s been braided by an expert craftsman. This makes each lamp unique and special.

This is the KNIXHULT lamp from Ikea and uses parts of the bamboo that are generally discarded to make the most of this raw material.

A floor lamp in a living room.
Image: amazon.es

For the sophisticated

At Kenay Home, there’s the Mett lamp, a chic piece full of charisma. Imagine! It has a base and screen brushed with gold and combined with a white marble base. The combination is so sophisticated that it makes it an essential piece for any space.

It can give an elegant touch to your bedroom, or preside over your living room next to a stately chair where you can sit and read a good book.

Floor lamps for the modern home

However, if you have a passion for industrial design, you’ll love the Louna lamp by Maisons du Monde. It has a curved structure that’ll fit beautifully into any space.

Its simple and modern black braided ball shade creates a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Also, it’s great for exterior decor if you’re looking to create a chill-out space.

Floor lamps in your home give a lot of room to play with when decorating spaces. They give a subtle light source. Also, they’re beautiful, and they complement some difficult to decorate corners. Look for the material that best suits your style and enjoy its charm.

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