5 Tips For Better Lighting

If you want to give your home with better lighting and get rid of the gloomy look some of your rooms may have, it's time to consider the following tips.
5 Tips For Better Lighting

Last update: 28 January, 2021

When it comes to lighting houses in the city tend to have fewer hours of natural light. As a consequence, some of the rooms are dark for many hours a day. If this applies to your home, it’s time to look for alternatives to solve this problem. In this article, we’ll give you 5 tips for better lighting in your home.

When it comes to building houses, many face south as this is the main focus of light and warmth to improve living conditions. However, it’s impossible for every house to receive continuous sunlight.

The main objective is to avoid the continuous use of electricity since it can be very expensive in the long term. If you’re continuously using artificial light, you’ll be, for one, spending more money than you should, and two, you’ll be affecting the environment.

Taking advantage of sunlight for better lighting

A bedroom with big windows.

If your apartment lacks windows that allow natural light in, then it’s time to do sometñhing. Look for a way to expand the openings of your home. For this, you’ll have to resort to a specialist who can widen the window frames (as long as it’s feasible.)

It’s always good to have the blinds up so that natural light can come in, especially throughout the morning and mid-day. Don’t obstruct natural light with your blinds! Doing so will result in a waste of sunlight.

If the sun shines directly into your house, then you can make use of your blinds. This is a practical way to take advantage of sunlight. A tip, though, would be to get white blinds so you get natural light.

  • Natural light is essential – it makes us feel happy 

Lighting in large spaces

A chandelier hanging from the cealing. This is a great way to get better lighting at home.

Large rooms are often difficult to work with. These spaces require full lighting that covers the whole space. In order to achieve better lighting in large areas, there are 3 options you can follow.

  1. Pendant lights are great to illuminate a large space, especially when they’ve got multiple bulbs. An example of this is chandeliers, which are very popular in the decor world.
  2. If the room is a functional place where people carry out practical work or tasks, use white light. You can use several skylights in the ceiling.
  3. Don’t forget about lamps or bulbs. Every option should be considered.

Pay attention to the darkest corners of your home

An illuminated terrace.

The darkest spaces in your home need to be considered as much as the other areas. With the right lighting and decoration, these may become your favorite places in your house. The aim here is to avoid having empty spaces that affect the overall decor of the place.

Perhaps there’s a room that only lacks good lighting in one spot. In this case, you can simply place a lamp in the area you’d like to illuminate. This decorative element can even become a statement piece in the entire room, you just have to choose one that goes with the decor you already have.

Home lighting – spotlights

Lighting above closet doors.

For corridors or for any part of the room, spotlights usually work very well. Place them on the ceiling in groups of three, and point them towards the points of the room that require the most light.

If you have pictures or other decorative items arranged on the walls, spotlights can enhance them greatly. In addition to this, spotlights can be directed to bounce light off the walls to reach other parts of the room.

-The light from the spotlights itself is spread to other points in the room-

White walls equal better lighting

A white bedroom with white walls. Painting the walls of your bedroom white will give out better lighting to the whole space.

Have you noticed how the rooms whose walls are painted in dark colors seem to lack light? The opposite goes for rooms with white walls. Believe it or not, painting your walls white will light up a room. Thanks to its tone, white fulfills a mirror-like function that allows light to bounce off surfaces.

As previously mentioned, colors such as black or dark blue give a darker appearance and don’t project light. Therefore, if you want better lighting in your home, paint the walls white, especially when they are in direct sunlight.

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