Discover the Ideal Decor Style According to your Personality

Without a doubt, there's a home decor style to suit every personality. Discover yours!
Discover the Ideal Decor Style According to your Personality

Last update: 01 April, 2022

Creating a beautiful, warm and unique home with character requires vision, alongside various resources and elements. Among all of these, it’s important to understand your personality and the decor style that reflects this. By doing this, you’ll achieve a unique style that showcases your way of being and your personal tastes.

Your visitors and guests learn a lot about you through your home, its decor, accessories, and elements. Keep reading to learn about the different decor styles and identify which one best suits your personality.

The ideal decor style for your personality

classic decoration
The classic decorative style is ideal for a calm personality. Image:

Generally, in every home, each space and room gives an indication of the personality and style of the people who live there. The style you choose for your home should reflect and highlight your personality, your preferences, and complement who you are as a person.

Alongside being practical, functional, and comfortable, your home is also your safe haven where you can be your true self. So, which decor style do you identify with the most?

Classic style

If your most significant personality traits are tranquility and functionality, the classic decorative style is ideal for you. This style goes hand in hand with traditional elements. Equally, the small details will give your home a touch of elegance, comfort, and practicality.

This style combines the best elements when it comes to creating a warm and welcoming environment. It’ll help you to create a home where you feel comfortable with everything around you, including the objects, accessories, and features that are part of your decor. Thanks to this style, your guests will instantly feel comfortable as soon as they walk through your front door.


The industrial style carries a touch of tradition, as it evokes memories of New York warehouses from the 1960s. Although it must be said that this trend has undergone some changes. However, it still retains its essence.

This style is ideal for people with imaginative and dynamic characters. Moreover, opting for this will make your home both comfortable and modern, as well as functional and fun. Industrial materials such as cement, brick, and steel depict this style, along with dark furniture that’s rustic and robust.

The Nordic decor style

Nordic style living room with wooden floor combined with light colors.
The use of wood is typical in the Nordic style.

The Nordic style is recognized for evoking the outdoors and for colonial environments at the same time. It’s an ideal decor style for a personality that seeks to feel safe in their home. Both through the layout and elements of this Scandinavian feel.

Under the Nordic trend, you can create beautiful spaces with incredible touches of modernity. Living in a home that’s decorated in this style will make you feel sophisticated, delicate and simple. You’ll achieve this thanks to the colors that evoke tranquility and warmth.

Another important aspect is that it takes advantage of each space in the home in a functional way.


The Japandi style includes a mixture of Eastern and Nordic tastes. It’s ideal for people with a free spirit, who enjoy nature and have bohemian tastes. Typically, pastel or light colors are used on the walls.

As for decor, it promotes the use of materials such as wood and some more rustic ones such as metal and steel. Equally, small decorative objects should include plants such as bamboo or others with different colors. This creates contrasts with the neutral and light tones of the walls.

Moreover, these plants can also contribute to establishing the particular fragrances specific to each home. This is also an aspect to highlight and should be guided by individual tastes.

What’s the decor style for your personality?

We’ve shared some different alternatives so that you can identify the decor style that best suits your personality. To make the best choice, it’s worth making a list of everything about you, that you want to reflect in your home.

If you have a family home, you should include important details for them on this list. This will ensure that something from each personality is portrayed throughout your home. By doing this, you’ll have a unique home that’s warm and welcoming for you, your family, and for everyone who visits.