Tricks to Achieve an Elegant Living Room

Having the elegant and sophisticated living room of your dreams is easier than you might think! We'll share some tricks to help you.
Tricks to Achieve an Elegant Living Room

Last update: 23 June, 2022

We all dream of having an elegant, beautiful living room that looks like something out of a magazine, right? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that this is something that’s easily achieved!

It’s easier than you might think and we’re going to help you. Take our professional advice, and enjoy the living room of your dreams. Ready to get started?

Tricks to achieve an elegant living room

The colors you use, as well as the type of furniture and decorative objects you choose, play a very important role in this process. These elements are decisive factors in achieving a truly elegant living room. Take notes as we explain the tricks to help you achieve your goal.

1. Opt for elegant color palettes

Your choice of colors may seem obvious, but it isn’t always clear.  Some colors are more elegant than others and below, we’ll review what these shades are:

  • Black and white: this is a must-have duo in elegant spaces. In fact, according to color psychology, black evokes elegance, silence, and power.
  • Navy blue: one of those elegant palettes that break the traditional scheme of black and white. Composed of navy blue and white, with it you can achieve an elegant and bright living room. Metallic gold accents are your best friends.
  • Blue, gray, and silver: for those who love blue, but not the marine style, we have this three-tone palette. Silver is elegant, sophisticated, and understated. In addition, it combines perfectly with blue and white.
  • Pink and gold: two of the most beautiful and sophisticated colors you can find. Yes, the result is feminine, but in addition to having an elegant room, you’ll have the perfect color combination. Add this palette to your furniture and accessories too, but in this instance, choose white for your walls to give light and balance.

2. Decorate with tall plants to create an elegant living room

Decorate your elegant living room with large plants.
Decorate your elegant living room with large plants.

Plants are living beings that contribute to elegant living room decor. Choose plants that measure at least 150 or 160 centimeters in height.

By having elements such as sofas, tables, paintings, and other decorative objects, your plants will demand attention and stand out among them. This is the key to success. 

If you already have some short and leafy plants, don’t worry! Place them on high coffee tables to raise their profile and follow the other tricks that we’ve suggested.

3. Place ornaments in twos and threes

This is an infallible trick among interior designers. Using decorative elements such as cushions, paintings, pictures, or mirrors in pairs or trios adds elegance to your living room.

Many people wonder what’s behind this concept. The truth is that it’s simply a rule of harmony that allows you to create balance in a scene.

4. Use a luxurious mirror for a more elegant living room

Remember, if you’re going to use several mirrors, implement the rule of pairs or three of a kind. Choose mirrors that are gold or silver.

Alternatively, opt for a single and large mirror, which is colorful and elegant. The second-hand marketplace often offers invaluable options that you can take advantage of.

5. Bring life to your ceiling

The ceiling is part of your living room, so if you want your room to look elegant, consider your ceiling too. Among the options are painted ceilings, moldings, coffered ceilings, and lighting.

Your choice will depend on the budget you have for this. A good option is a well-painted plain ceiling, in keeping with the color of your walls, with a beautiful Mid-Century lamp to add elegance and a modern touch.

6. Take advantage of the end-of-season sales

Take advantage of the discounts and buy timeless accessories for your elegant living room.
Take advantage of the discounts and buy timeless accessories for your elegant living room.

As you’ll know, at the end of a season, collection, or decorative trend, some items are often on sale. This is the ideal time to go shopping and find a bargain. 

Without a doubt, you’ll find some beautiful pieces at far more affordable prices compared to the beginning of the season. To avoid decorative problems, try to buy timeless pieces that work well no matter what style you have at home.

Ready to design your elegant living room?

As you’ve seen, having an elegant living room isn’t as difficult and expensive as you may have first thought. As an extra bonus, decorate your internal doors to make them part of your decor. In this case, every detail counts, so implement the tricks that we’ve shared with you and enjoy your dream space.

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