Useful and Space Saving Designer Furniture

Maybe you live in a small apartment and are looking to get the most out of your space. If so, check out these space-saving designer furniture ideas.
Useful and Space Saving Designer Furniture

Last update: 16 April, 2022

A lot of the time, the terms design and utility are opposites. Have you ever bought an expensive piece of designer furniture and, when you get it home, it doesn’t seem useful? The typical uncomfortable chair that you almost never use is an example of this. Below, we’ll see some examples of utilitarian and space-saving designer furniture.

Designers have also given us solutions to spatial problems and their designs allow for practicality. Besides being beautiful and original they make our daily lives easier. Keep reading as we show you that design and usefulness aren’t mutually exclusive!

Staircase-drawer: space-saving designer furniture

If you have stairs at home, it’s likely that you use the space under them to store your shoes, coats, or cleaning supplies. This idea that comes from design goes beyond that. Why should you only make use of the space under the stairs? Why not make use of the space that’s within the steps?

This idea is that you can mix drawers with stairs. At a glance, it’s just a simple set of stairs. But, if you pull on each stair, you open the drawers. This means you have as many drawers as you have stairs. Moreover, it’s a great idea for storing children’s toys or clothes for another season.

The idea of staircase drawers can also be useful for a child’s room. If they sleep in a bunk-bed, you can change the ladder for stairs, so they’ll have a second function. This is good for both storage and getting to the upper bunk.


A small table that transforms into a study space

This is another simple example of usefulness and space with designer furniture. At a glance, this is a small table that can be placed anywhere in your home. And, it doesn’t take up much space!

When it’s time to study or work on your computer, you’ll only have to widen the tabletop. Equally, you can simply take out the hidden chair. The main advantage, besides not taking up a lot of space, is that it goes easily from one to the other. 

This kind of study table has other designs that use the same idea. Another different design is a rather thick frame against the wall. The frame is only a way to make the table look better when it’s folded up. All you have to do is open the hinges to unfold the table and enjoy the space it gives you.

These are also great options for smaller rooms. You can add a study area so that you can work comfortably and when you’ve finished working, you can use the space for something else.

A headboard: space-saving designer furniture

Normally headboards are simple, decorative items. But, the truth is that they protect the wall behind your bed. If you have problems with space in your bedroom, you can choose to install a pretty headboard. And, it can have a secondary function.

The kind of headboard that we’re referring to has doors on the side. This is perfect for storing your footwear or other belongings that don’t take up a lot of space. The easiest to use ones have removable shelves so that you can store things in order.

If you’re short on space, the depth of these kinds of headboards lets you put everything in them that you normally put on your nightstand. The part above the headboard is an accessible place where you can put your cell, lamp, or the book you’re reading.

Beds that are just as comfortable as traditional ones

We’re going to give you one final suggestion for using designer furniture to get the most out of your space. We’ve all needed an extra bed at home or had to sleep on an uncomfortable folding bed. If you need an extra bed, it’s possible to get a designer bed that saves space and is comfortable.

This will go perfectly with your style. Both pretty and at the same time, comfortable, this kind of bed can be one of the following:

  • A bed that’s hidden in the wall or behind some other living room furniture. All you have to do is turn the furniture to enjoy a comfortable double bed.
  • A bed that’s hidden in the ceiling. This might seem odd, but this space-saving idea is raised into the ceiling and completely disappears at the click of a button!