The Colors that Go Well with Navy Blue

Navy blue provides your home seriousness and serenity. In this article, discover which colors go well with navy blue.
The Colors that Go Well with Navy Blue

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Colors that complement can be complicated. Depending on the intensity and the sensations colors transmit, they may be more closely linked to some than others. Thus, in this sense, you may be asking yourself which colors go well with navy blue.

If you want to paint your house, you don’t need to paint all the rooms the same color. Each room can be different. However, the main goal is to try to correctly connect all the spaces.

Problems can arise with some colors and the established relationships between them. In the event that you like one a lot, such as navy blue, and you want it to have a presence in your home, you must know how to use it properly.

The sensations the color navy blue transmits

A navy blue sofa.

The first thing you need to be aware of is the color you’re dealing with. This color belongs to the palette of cold colors and dark colors. Also, it’s very different from other types of blues.

The sensations that this color transmits can be subjective for each person. So consequently, it can transmit a different mood to each person or just an aesthetic appreciation. Nevertheless, you should know that we’re talking about a serious color.

Some of the sensations it transmits are:

  • Calm and tranquility. It eliminates tension and calms the spirit, offering harmony.
  • Rest and relaxation. In addition to the above characteristics, it also transmits relaxation.
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing and people usually like it.
  • It might make people think of the male domain and maturity. It’s way different from fresher and younger colors, such as orange or pink.
  • Stability. It gives consistency.

An elegant and serious resource

A dark blue wall.

As we mentioned above, navy blue is serious, adult, and soft. If you use navy blue to decorate a room, it can provide it a lot of character. Here are some tips to help you combine it with other colors:

  • It’s easier to work with this color if you decide to use it to paint the walls of a room. It creates a space dominated by a dark color so you have to try to contrast with others.
  • For a bedroom, ideally, the sheets should be light-colored. For example, white and gray go very well with navy blue. Turquoise can also make it pop. However, make sure it’s dark.

Navy blue creates a background that can be attractive and mature.

Does navy blue go well with warm colors?

Pink combined with baby blue.

Although this isn’t common, it may help achieve harmony in an environment. However, not just any warm color goes well with this blue. Thus, you have to analyze what you’re going to do.

  • What if you decide to use red furniture with navy blue walls? First, it’ll create contrast and tension. These colors clash a lot. However, if this is what you’re looking for, it may be a good idea.
  • A color that does go well with it is pale pink, as it looks more like a whitish pink. Thus, it creates some contrast, as these colors look great together.
  • Regarding earthy colors, you must try to make sure they’re dark. If you decide to use beige or ocher, it’ll distort the decor.
  • As for yellow or orange, they don’t go well with this blue. However, using green is a great idea.

Application in furniture

A room decorated in dark blue and white.

If your walls and some furniture are light-colored (grays or whites), using a navy blue decorative item can be a great idea. A clear example is a sofa, as it can become the star of the room and transmit comfort.

Another option is the carpet. If the room has parquet flooring, it can become a good resource to contrast the earthy warmness of the wood. The darkness of the carpet will convey stability and calmness.

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