Bring The Color Pink to Your Living Room

Are you thinking about using the color pink for your living room? This color fills us with joy, positivity, and energy. Here are the keys to using it and falling in love with it.
Bring The Color Pink to Your Living Room

Last update: 03 January, 2022

The color pink is no longer just for girls or for use exclusively in bedrooms. It’s a trend! The different tones and finishes are mixed with each other to result in rooms full of warmth, romanticism, and elegance. Therefore, we’ve sought inspiration for you to design a pink living room.

If you learn to apply it correctly, you’ll have the opportunity to create an original room with an eccentric point. Does this idea seduce you?

What does the color pink convey?

Decoration in pink

The color pink is associated with sensitivity, innocence, tenderness, and delicacy. Yes, it’s a color that’s linked to femininity but, also, it depends on what other color it’s combined with and the intensity it has.

In this sense, we could say that while pink mixed with white is ideal for a child’s environment, if you put it together with black it’s associated with eroticism. Either way, it’s a very versatile, friendly color that’s perfect for any space.

How to apply the color pink in your living room

Pink is a shade that goes wonderfully with the most neutral color ranges or, if you’re daring, with vivid colors containing fiery pigments.

You can paint your walls pink, add accessories and play with opposite colors to create a pleasant, cheerful and modern atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a more harmonious and soft result, use the lightest tones and combine them with a pastel palette. By doing this, you’ll enjoy a home with lots of light and the feeling of spaciousness will multiply. 

Another success to splash your living room with pink is through prints and, better yet, with floral wallpaper to match the rest of your decorative accessories.

Dare to play with pink and you’ll have an elegant living room with a touch of glamor that’s typical of Hollywood movies.

Paint your doors

Now, we bet this hadn’t occurred to you! This is a great idea to introduce the color pink in your living room and fill your room with light and joy.

We love the effect that painted doors achieve because they usually completely transform the look of the whole home in a super easy and inexpensive way. To top it off, you just have to add some accessories coordinated with the tone you’ve chosen and that’s it!

Sit in a pink room

Pink curvy sofa.

If you want to bet big on this wonderful color, do it with a pink velvet sofa. We guarantee you’ll have the most sophisticated living room in your neighborhood! Rosewood pink is the most flattering shade and it’s so easy to combine because it’s quite neutral.

You can put an armchair in another, slightly stronger shade and choose flower plaids in fuchsia. If you add a vase with flowers in the same color, you’ll create a very feminine and cozy atmosphere.

A color that rises up the walls

Pale pink room.

As we said, pink is perfect for painting the walls of your living room. You can choose to paint only the main wall and give it all the limelight or even add a white wooden wainscot–if you’re looking for a softer finish.

When it comes to wallpapers, the options are endless and are the perfect way to turn the walls of your living room into a space full of life.

What colors should you combine pink with?

Pink room

Again, it’ll depend on the effect you want to achieve. In its softest tones, it works pretty much like a neutral shade and goes well with almost any color. But, as you go further up the pigmentation, it becomes more demanding.

Either way, it’s impossible to fail if you combine it with green, blue or yellow. Equally, black and white welcome it wonderfully too.

A pink living room is a sure hit and you can either use it in small doses or fill the room with this cheerful color. Always remember to take care of the color palette, create harmony through accessories, and don’t play with more than three colors in each room.

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