Children's Decor: Predicted Trends for 2022

Discover the predicted trends for children's decor that'll mark 2022. Get ready to ensure that your little ones have a modern bedroom.
Children's Decor: Predicted Trends for 2022

Last update: 27 December, 2021

A few days before welcoming in the new year, we want to share the trends in children’s decor that’ll mark 2022. So, if you want to reform your child’s bedroom, you can go ahead and achieve a trending and modern look.

However, remember that there will always be space to add your personal touch and achieve a unique and original result that your little one will surely love. Among the options, you’ll find trends with characters and shapes that are well known. Equally, you’ll also find other trends that’ll be a novelty.

Next, we’ll delve into all the options that you have at your disposal. Choose the one you like the most or break stereotypes and mix up a couple of ideas.

Murals for children’s decor in 2022

children's murals.

Children love big and colorful things, as they set their imaginations soaring. For this reason, murals are predicted as a trend in children’s decor for 2022. It’s a wonderful, creative and fun element.

To avoid cluttering the bedroom or play space, it’s important to choose a single wall for the mural. There you can paint freehand or with the support of a couple of stencils, then do it yourself or hire a professional.

Among the options to choose from are murals with a jungle, space, sea, or a dinosaur motif. If your children are old enough to choose, allow them to make the decision and include them in the activity.

Wallpaper will be a trend in 2022

Wallpaper is an excellent option for children’s bedrooms, as well as for other spaces in your home. It’s a material that’s already familiar, but it never goes out of style and remains current. With this element, you can achieve great things without investing a lot of money or time.

One of the advantages of this material is that it comes in a huge variety of designs, shapes, and colors. For its installation, you just need a smooth wall and have the knowledge and skill to achieve the best finish.

In the case of feminine children’s bedrooms, floral wallpaper will be a massive trend.

Use animal motifs

Animal figures

Animal motifs are one of the cutest trends of the new year. They bring life, beauty, color, and vitality to children’s bedrooms and are highly desired by children. Choose the ones that they like the most, such as sea animals, jungle animals, desert animals, dinosaurs, or the protagonists of a cartoon.

To decorate with this motif you can use stencils, wallpaper, or freehand, especially if you’re an artist or you love to paint. If you’re going to do this freehand, include your little one and allow them to use a brush to achieve a unique decoration and with a lot of feeling.

But this isn’t all! The use of animal motifs goes beyond painting, the idea is to also use them in accessories such as paintings, rugs, and curtains.

High contrast bedrooms

Although high-contrast bedrooms are often more appropriate for teens and young adults, with the right decor it’s possible to make them suitable for little ones. This option refers to the use of strong, vibrant color on a single wall, known as an accent or contrast wall. The remaining bedroom walls should be neutral or white.

You can even use the bold color in the middle of the wall and play with geometric shapes to add pizzazz. The colors that’ll trend are dark blue, powerful green, mustard yellow, and strong salmon pink. This is a decorative idea to mix with 3D pictures of animals, for example.

Don’t be afraid of black and white

black and white will be a trend in children's decoration by 2022

The use of black and white for a children’s bedroom may be surprising, but it’s a decorative idea that’ll be a trend in 2022. In addition, it’ll enchant your little one and generate an incredible contrast. Likewise, it generates a clean, tender, and very cozy environment that offers the possibility for different colored decorative objects to stand out more.

If you’re going to choose this option, you should know that white or light-colored furniture promotes light and wooden pieces will make the room feel warmer.

Neutral children’s decor

Previously, the popular choice was to delimit the bedroom to the child’s gender. However, the world has changed and nowadays, parents prefer neutral children’s decor. This is definitely a predicted trend for 2022 and it shows no sign of slowing.

The new year is about decorating children’s bedrooms in such a way that they’re not gender related; no more blue for boys and pink for girls! The idea is to decorate with colors such as yellow, ocher, and different shades of green and gray.

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