7 Reasons to Decorate With Wall Murals

There are many reasons wall murals are attracting so much attention when it comes to home decorating. Not surprising when you consider how they can completely transform areas of the home without major modifications. Ready to spice up your décor?
7 Reasons to Decorate With Wall Murals

Last update: 06 July, 2021

Wall murals have become a very popular decorative element lately. But why is that? It’s because they’re so versatile, easy to install and make rooms feel more spacious.

Wall murals, also called photo wall murals, are well and truly revolutionizing home decor. They’re large-format photo prints that can be installed in almost any room or area, such as the main living room, bedrooms and even the kitchen. But why are they trending so much? What advantages do they hold for home décor?

There are many reasons why these prints are attracting so much attention when it comes to home decorating. The most important one is how they can completely transform the environment without having to make major modifications. Here are 7 more reasons why you should choose them when spicing up your décor! Read on!

Why decorate with wall murals?

Multicolored geometric wall mural

Wall murals are large photographic displays that allow you to transform a room’s atmosphere through many different types of designs, such as landscapes, artwork, animations, plants, and many more. They integrate easily into home decor, as they’re versatile and simple to install. As an added bonus, the material is resistant and they’re easy to clean. Let’s take a closer look at their main advantages.

1. Varied designs

No matter what style of decoration you prefer, there are wall murals for all tastes. You’ll find natural or urban landscapes, famous paintings, color combinations and photographs, and even cartoons for children’s rooms.
And, if minimalism is your thing, there are also designs inspired by zen: relaxing atmospheres, plants, and other elements that combine to create a real sense of calm. What could be better?

2. Three-dimensional effect

Photographic murals have a unique visual effect that gives a feeling of spaciousness and creates a three-dimensional effect at the same time. They’re so realistic that they give the impression that your room has suddenly gained a few extra square meters.

3. They delimit spaces

One of the most attractive features of photo wall murals is that they can be used to divide open plan areas, or other large spaces. They’re often used to visually separate the kitchen from the dining room or living room.

4. Easy to adapt to any wall

Photo murals are available in a wide variety of sizes, which means you’ll always be able to find one to fit whatever area you want. Even so, if they’re a little bigger than the area, you can always remove the excess with a cutter without affecting the design.

Graffiti wall mural for interiors
Image: vandalnewyork.com

5. They’re a visually interesting focal point

Regardless of the design, wall murals attract attention wherever you place them. In fact, they’ll become the main features of your decor, as they enhance spaces and create contrasts in rather monochromatic areas.

6. Easy to install

Unlike materials such as wallpaper, wall murals are easy to install. The material is easy to handle, which prevents an imperfect finish. Some come with adhesive and others only require a brush or paintbrush.

7. High durability

Photo murals are made of very resistant long-lasting material, and their durability increases even more in indoor spaces. One of these materials is vinyl, which is obtained from PVC; it’s very easy to clean and maintain.

Other varieties can be made of fabrics created with less conventional technological methods. These are noted for their ability to hold ink well and to maintain them in good condition over time. In both cases, the most important thing is that the prints should be in high resolution in order for all their intricate details to stand out well.

Wall murals: Don’t delay, fit one today!

Decorating with wall murals is a real boom market, and one of the most eye-catching trends recently. They’re considered a great way to highlight walls and break up monochromatic designs. Although they may seem risky at first, a good choice of mural will make your home decor style really stand out.

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