Ideas to Create a Contrasting Wall in Your Bathroom

Discover the ideas we have for you to create your own contrasting wall in your bathroom. Among the options, there are different materials, colors, and textures to consider.
Ideas to Create a Contrasting Wall in Your Bathroom

Last update: 10 November, 2021

If you don’t like traditional or monochromatic bathrooms, we’re going to give you some motivating ideas to create a contrasting wall. Currently, the market offers countless materials with which you can achieve this decorative effect, so take the risk and make a small modification that’ll completely transform your bathroom.

Keep in mind that a contrasting wall not only raises the decorative level but it’ll also add depth to your bathroom. This is something that you can easily achieve in small bathrooms or with a layout that visually reduces space. Read on to get inspired with some modern and colorful ideas.

Ideas to create a contrasting wall in your bathroom

Having a contrasting wall in your bathroom has its visual benefits. In addition, it can be achieved in different ways and with a wide variety of materials. Take note of our recommendations and choose the one that you like best and that fits the general style of your space.

Contrast with colored tiles

Tiles for the bathroom.

As tiles, they’re known as ceramic squares with a great variety of colors and designs. They’re not only used in bathrooms, but also in kitchens and even in outdoor spaces such as the garden. Although their base figure is the square, they can be rotated and arranged to make large or small patterns such as rhombuses, circles, triangles, and rectangles.

Choose a wall to create the contrast and use the tiles as you see fit and the color or combinations you want. You can use them on the entire wall, just in the middle, or just in the center. How you choose to use the tiles will depend on your chosen design. Either way, these tiles add a look of elegance and shine to your bathroom.

Contrast wall with cladding

Just as there are exterior wall cladding materials, there are also those for the bathroom. The textures they offer are very varied, including options such as polished cement, micro cement, traditional natural stone, and various artificial finishes.

The only condition that must be met to lay any type of cladding is to have smooth walls. By doing this, the chosen material will have a simpler and more effective adherence.

Contrast of textures

Embossed tiles.

Another of the slightly more traditional, simple, and fun options has to do with the use of textures. You can achieve this by using relief tiles (a sculptural technique) and other materials that have this same ability. This option presents a very elegant and modern look.

You can use elements of the same color as the other walls if you want something a little more subtle or make a difference by adding a splash of color.

Contrasting your bathroom wall with wallpaper

Wallpaper is another option that you have at your disposal to make a contrasting wall in your bathroom. This material is easy to use and comes in different styles, colors, and effects. However, you should bear in mind that the disadvantage of using wallpaper in a bathroom is that it can be damaged by humidity.

It’s also a good idea to keep the contrasting wall you adorn with wallpaper away from direct sources of water.

Pictures to make a contrasting bathroom wall

Decorate the contrasting wall with paintings and decorative objects.

We expect you haven’t considered the use of pictures! Although it may not have crossed your mind, using pictures is an alternative to turning a conventional wall into a contrasting wall for your bathroom.

Use pictures that won’t be damaged by moisture, preferably with protection such as a glass frame. You can use the paintings that you like the most and that inspire tranquility, peace and serenity. Choose the sensations that go according to the atmosphere of a good bathroom.

Remember that the tones of the pictures must contrast with the colors of your bathroom decor. If you don’t like pictures, use adhesive vinyl, clocks, mirrors , or other decorative elements that are to your liking. This way you’ll maintain a level of harmony in the space.

Which idea did you like the most?

We’ve shared five different ideas to help you create a contrasting wall for your bathroom that raises the decorative level. They included the use of different materials, colors, textures, and accessories.

Surely there’s an option that suits your personal tastes and preferences? Which one will you try?