Give Your Home Decor a Young Vibe

Change up your home decor. Fill it with a young vibe with subtle, practical yet fresh resources with a dash of color and pure forms.
Give Your Home Decor a Young Vibe

Last update: 27 October, 2019

We might not always notice it, but our home decor can get old. The chances of that happening are even higher if you’ve inherited your home from your parents, bought your home already furnished or have been living there for a long time now. So, it’s time for a change. Fill your home with a fresh, young vibe.

There’s nothing better than freshening up home decor. This doesn’t only mean a different setting, but something that will better match your personality, helping you feel more alive and energetic.

Freshening up your home decor will not only provide a space to relax but also a burst of air that’s free of old-time trinkets. Enjoy a decor that’s from this era.

Change your wall color for a young vibe

young vibe wall color

Old houses tend to only have white walls, which often end up dirty and run down.

You have to make a big change here and give your home brighter colors or ones that match your home decor style. Feel free to paint your rooms in different colors or even use two different colors in a single space.

Here are some of the best color options:

  • Blue: evokes the sea and transmits a fresh air.
  • Salmon: warm and gentle vibes thanks to its pastel characteristics.
  • Gray: neutral color that looks great in minimalist settings.
  • Green: brings in natural and fresh decor, especially pistachio green.
  • Try using a tapestry that covers an entire wall or a piece of fabric that can complement your decor.

— Make your home transmit life and excitement through your wall colors. —

Limit your decor pieces

young vibe limit

Back in the day, families often filled their homes with all kinds of decorative accessories. Nothing went to waste; there was always space for decor.

  • Tables and shelves serve to hold books and decorative objects but that doesn’t mean we should use anything and everything as decor. Having too many items only gets in the way and hinders cleaning.
  • Avoid hanging too many pictures on your walls. Bare walls help create a beautiful setting.
  • Hanging up a fair few decor accessories and creating a spacious setting is better than cluttering up and overwhelming your room. New modern trends encourage austere decor.

— Clean, simple decor is a young concept. —

Original furniture

young vibe furniture

Try to fill your home with interesting, unique furniture pieces that speak loads with their designs or colors.

  • Couches: couches can be big or small but their designs should flaunt simple or minimalist forms. If your couch is multi-colored it can create a more dynamic space.
  • Pallets for tables, coat-hangers or shelves can give you storage space and more originality.
  • Simple-patterned rugs are also perfect accessories. Try looking for solid-color varieties.
  • Standing or ceiling lamps with a simple lampshade and basic lines. Models that have geometrical patterns with zero hints of extravagance also work well.

— All the lines of your furniture should be simple and basic. —

Vinyl decals for walls

young vibe vinyl decals

Applying a vinyl decal to your walls will add a thematic decor as well as a young vibe. We recommend using one in your living or bedroom as they’re spaces where you’ll spend most of your time.

Make sure to look for designs that fit your personal preferences, such as your favorite movies, plants or animals. You can also try motivational phrases or anything else that you’re interested in.

Wall decals are a fresh idea. They open doors to new home interior ideas.

Work and study space

young vibe work study

These days, we often have home offices. Though you might also work out-of-home, having a desk and a computer will always come in handy as modern-day life is hooked to the internet.

Try turning a room into a workspace. Or, as many homes lack the space to dedicate an entire room to work, try converting a corner of your living room into a work area. Just arrange a table, a flex desk lamp and your computer and you’re all set.

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