Geometric Shapes: a Hot Home Decor Trend

Using geometric shapes in home decor is a sure win. They'll create original and creative settings.
Geometric Shapes: a Hot Home Decor Trend

Last update: 22 March, 2019

Geometry is pure design and naturally, it’s entered home decor trends. Using geometric furniture or accessories in your home decor can be risky, but more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon.

In today’s post, we want to show you a list of geometric ideas. We hope they’ll give you an idea of what will work best for your home decor.

Geometric shapes for chairs and couches

chairs couches 1

You should use geometric furniture in minimalist decors where there won’t be an excess of furniture. One of the downsides of these pieces is that they overwhelm settings easily and can get old fast if you don’t limit them.

Be extra mindful with chairs and couches. We normally use various chairs in a single setting, such as in the living room. And couches are usually bigger pieces of furniture that have more presence.

Thanks to geometric designs, the very concept of chairs is completely reinvented. Now, say goodbye to your standard wooden chair with a high back (also normally made of wood) and four supporting legs. Couches are different, too, now and you can find any geometric shape in any size, however you want.

Rectangular or square backs; four or two legs; legless chairs. You have an infinite variety of geometrical options available for your living room.

Geometric shelving units

shelving unit 2

If you’re digging this new home decor trend but want to avoid taking big risks, shelving units are your best option. Geometric shelves will fill your home with dynamism and originality but not so boldly as chairs or couches do.

So if you want to dip your feet in the world of geometric shapes, go with shelves. You can find hexagon, triangle or square models– among others– for your home decor.

Lighting also gets geometrical

geometrical shapes 3

You can take the same decor decisions with lighting as well. If you go geometrical, you don’t have to change all your furniture. Instead, sometimes just making one object the focal point of your decor will look more elegant and won’t overwhelm the setting.

Light fixtures, similar to shelving units and mirrors– which we’ll look at next– are perfect for using geometric shapes. After you’ve tried geometric decor and decide to change it again, light fixtures are the easiest to swap.

In home decor, changing light fixtures is a common thing. As a result, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from at any store. They can make your home elegant, simple or futuristic.

Mirror home decor trend

geometric mirrors 4

Mirrors are another object that you can use to decorate your home geometrically. An advantage of using mirrors is that if you get tired of a certain mirror, you can replace them easily. They come in many shapes like circles, rectangles or squares.

You can also find shapes in all kinds of shapes and colors— the options are endless. There are many places to put a mirror in your home as well; choose a space to put in a specific room or change them all. This simple object can be the perfect decor accessory because its shape itself fills spaces with style.

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