Looking for the Perfect Sofa? Discover What You Need to Look for

Do you know the 4 characteristics that every perfect sofa should have?
Looking for the Perfect Sofa? Discover What You Need to Look for

Last update: 17 February, 2019

A sofa should be comfortable and have features that guarantee many years of use. Join us today and discover what your ideal sofa should be like. In our post, we’re going to list the features of a perfect sofa.

Sofas are a basic element in any home. Whatever their color or size, we all have one. They’re fundamental for resting, naps, watching TV or sitting on during a family gathering.

1. A perfect sofa is comfortable

First and foremost, the perfect sofa needs to be comfortable. If your sofa isn’t pleasant to sit on, resting is impossible, meaning that it doesn’t do its job.

If you’re going to buy a sofa, sitting on it is the best way to see if it’s comfortable or not.  Avoid choosing the wrong one. We recommend selecting one that has the following features:

  • High back. When you’re sitting on the sofa, your back should reflect good posture. Did you know that most back problems result from consistent bad posture? A comfortable sofa will completely support your back; the back of the sofa should reach the back of your neck.
  • Seating. More and more sofas feature wide seating. In light of that, when you’re sofa-shopping, the first thing to think about is if you’re going to use it to lay down or to sit down on. If you lay down on your sofa often, a wide seat will make for nicer naps while keeping you more comfortable. On the other hand, if you normally sit on your sofa, a seat that’s too wide could keep you from resting your back comfortable while touching the floor with your feet at the same time.
perfect sofa 1

2. Resistant material

Another important aspect to think about while sofa-shopping is to choose one made from strong materials. Regardless of how hard we try to keep our sofas clean, we often end up eating on them or putting our feet up.

The best way to enjoy your sofa without worrying about stains is to look for a resistant fabric. We recommend choosing a stain resistant fabric to make sure that it’ll stay clean.

In addition to the fabric, the structure and pillows should be resistant and long-lasting. Shelling out a little more to buy a higher quality sofa is worth it.

3. Design

If you’ve been thinking about buying a sofa and have visited furniture stores, you’ve probably noticed that many of them feature innovative designs and shapes. Of course, they’d look beautiful in your living room and would really adorn it.

However, be careful as in many cases, design and comfort don’t go hand-in-hand. Never sacrifice comfort for aesthetics. Look for a sofa that’s comfortable, visually pleasing and suitable for your living room.

perfect sofa 2

4. Color

Your sofa color should flow with the color palette of your room. That means everyone’s perfect sofa will be a different color, matching with the rest of the furniture and personal tastes.

However, we recommend you don’t choose white and pastel colors if you’re going to use the sofa often or if you have children. Instead, go for grays or browns if you don’t want to worry about stains. They match with any color and stay cleaner longer.

Now you know the four features that a safe choice of sofa needs! You’ll also have a clearer idea on which model is perfect for your home.

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