Decorate Your Home with a More Glamorous Style

If elegance is a fundamental principle of your personality, the glamorous style is perfect for you!
Decorate Your Home with a More Glamorous Style

Last update: 06 August, 2020

Is it possible to decorate your interiors in both a relaxed and alternative way? We think so! Decorate your home with a more glamorous style by applying new aesthetic concepts that combine classicism, simplicity, and a touch of elegance.

Properly decorating your home is important if you want to enjoy it and, above all, make sure it looks good for your guests. There’s no doubt that the art of interior design offers many possibilities, which is why you should consider even the smallest details.

Generally, people worry about what others will think and the impression they’ll get from their home. If you don’t take care of the interiors and, instead, decorate easily and comfortably, you may make mistakes. You should make your home a place that reflects your personality.

How to apply the glamorous style in your home

A glamorous dining room.

You may have heard the word “glamorous” to refer to a certain person or thing. The meaning of this term is linked to elegance, presence, and distinction.

You could say that glamor is a fundamental principle for appearance and that it stands out. There’s no doubt that everything that’s nourished by this concept differs and excels, creating a distinguished environment. For this reason, homes with a glamorous style are extraordinary!

Glamor must be present whenever you want to display elegance and showiness.

5 must-have components of the glamorous style

A chandelier.

When it comes to choosing the main components to achieve glamorous decor, you must think about what can stand out and how you can mix and match everything. Below, we share some examples that may be useful:

  1. Gold is a hit as it’s a color that stands out on its own, you can use it on small surfaces, such as cushions, a vase, photo frames, etc. You don’t have to overdo it with this color. An anecdotal presence is enough.
  2. Neutral colors tend to look great, especially to highlight other colors, such as gold, red, and blue. Therefore, the use of grays on the sofa or the walls can be very useful, as it offers seriousness and support.
  3. Also, chandeliers are unique and aesthetically appealing pieces. Waterfalls are also very popular, as they generate an unusual effect. In turn, the lights should be warm so that the atmosphere looks a lot cozier.
  4. You can incorporate other colors, such as white and silver, in some elements, such as the cushions, mirrors, and tables. Also, you shouldn’t forget the color salmon, which provides warmth, sensitivity, and gentleness.
  5. As for decorative resources such as vases, bowls, boxes, or porcelain pieces, it’s good for them to stand out to a certain extent and to possess some individuality. They should have prominence and occupy an important place in the decoration.

The importance of mirrors in the glamorous style

A gold mirror.
Mirror /

A must-have glamorous style element is mirrors. Mirrors have become an indispensable resource of this style. The sophistication and elegance they offer are unmatched, mainly due to the prominence they can achieve.

There are many different models. Those with a more baroque aesthetic can be very attractive, as they have curves and plant motifs. However, you can also use simpler models with basic circles or rectangles.

Painting the frames is a fundamental way to demonstrate that glamorous character. Silver, gold, or dark colors are essential for achieving elegance.

Natural light and the glamorous style

If you want to make your interiors stand out to captivate your guests, you must have natural light. I t provides a sense of spaciousness and offers a natural feel.

In this regard, it’s a good idea to open up large spaces with blinds that can filter the light and allow it to enhance the interior glamor.

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