Giving Your Home a Touch of Gold

Adding an extra touch of luxury and glamour to your house is easier than you think. Today we'll give you some ideas to give your home the right touch of gold.
Giving Your Home a Touch of Gold

Last update: 28 January, 2021

When it comes to giving a luxurious look to the house, there’s nothing more pleasing than a touch of gold. This is the color of glamour and sophistication. The use of metallic gold finishes is a strong trend that adds style and personality to any space.

To give your home a touch of gold, you can apply this color finish to many different elements. You don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to this! You can add a touch of gold to everything from decorative objects to furniture, wall coverings, mirror frames, or curtain rods. This color is perfect for giving the whole space a strong and elegant vibe.

Gold tones make rooms feel warmer and more welcoming. Furthermore, its use isn’t restricted to interior decoration. Any of your outdoor furniture or accessories will look amazing with a touch of gold here and there. Remember, where there’s gold, there’s glamour.

That being said, don’t be intimidated! Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean a greater outlay. There are some easy and fun tricks to give the right touch of gold to your entire home without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll give you some ideas that are worth checking out.

The golden age – fabrics, furniture, and walls

A living room with green and gold accents.

Let’s start with the large pieces, which are the most striking. They’re also the ones that add a greater accent to the room. The most daring touch of gold you could add to the room is applying it to the walls. Of course, you must decide on one specific wall in order not to make the place look saturated. We recommend you choose the wall with the smallest surface. 

If you decide to paint an entire wall in gold, you can paint it in stripes combined with a neutral color, such as beige or gray, even green or aqua blue. These colors would look spectacular when combined with gold paint. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Furniture is another ideal option to add a unique touch of gold. Give a new vibe to your coffee table or a side table.

You can paint the edges, the legs, or the handles. We promise you that those gold details will make a huge difference. Also, think about the Chinese art of restoring broken pieces by gluing them with gold paste.

The most extravagant translation of luxury in a house is always found in textiles. For example, upholstery, cushions, curtains, bedding, tablecloths, and rugs.

If any of those elements have light touches of gold color they will look fabulous. No need to add more, remember to keep it simple (if you want to go all out, though, go for it!). If they don’t, however, you can add them yourself using gold trimmings. You have endless possibilities to choose from.

Gold accessories – a must!

A master bedroom full of golden accents.

Here you can let yourself be carried away by your imagination and strategically add decorative accessories in gold to each room. They’re perfect when looking to add the touch of elegance that’s missing in the room. In addition to this, they provide balance and lots of light.

For example, you can use candles, figures, boxes, empty perfume bottles, glasses, tableware, pictures, or photo frames… basically anything that catches attention and goes with your personality. These are the elements where you can reflect more who you are and your particular tastes. All decor elements that you choose say a lot about you so pick them carefully!

Another opportunity to add a perfect touch of gold to an area is lamps. A large chrome floor lamp in this color would look fabulous.

Moreover, the same goes for table lamps. If you want the place to look spectacular, you can hand a completely golden ceiling chandelier. This will for sure act as a focus and focal point.

A touch of gold in every room

A tap with a touch of gold.

Something important to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t limit gold to the living room or master bedroom. The kitchen is perfect to add these accent touches that turn the most practical, normal-looking rooms into real palaces.

Forget about decorative bronze accessories. The metallic accents of now are in yellow or rose gold and, more importantly, they’re very shiny!

Make a radical change and replace the handles of kitchen cabinets and renew the utensils that are on show.

Add an iconic piece, such as a teapot or a coffee maker, and paint it in gold (if it isn’t already). You can even choose fruit bowls, trays, or baskets with gold finishes.

A touch of gold works all year round

A living room decorated with delicate golden accents.

There’s a common idea when it comes to the use of gold in decor. Many people believe that this color belongs to periods of celebration (such as Christmas) or very specific decorative styles. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Any style supports glittery and gold touches. The key lies in the number of accessories that you add and their location. So now tell us – where would you add these accents in your home? We can’t wait to see!