Decorate Your Door with these 7 Ideas

The interior of our homes can become boring or begin to clash with a new aesthetic in our spaces.
Decorate Your Door with these 7 Ideas

Last update: 12 November, 2018

If you’re bored with the doors in your house or apartment, never fear. We’re going to give you some ideas you can use to decorate them.

Many people don’t realize that there’s a wide variety of options to decorate doors and make them look beautiful. Learn to decorate doors with these seven ideas we give you below.

Although our doors aren’t the main thing we’re thinking about when we decorate, they can help highlight and accentuate our already decorated spaces. If you want a special touch that matches your home’s signature style, use these options and decorate your doors in your own unique way.

1. Decorate doors with a half-painted style

The half-painted style is new, fun and very original. If there are already rooms in your home with this style, you can take advantage and paint the inside of your doors the same way. Play with just one color and paint your door up to the middle. You can try this vertically or horizontally. Both will look great. 

paint the door

2. Paint with two colors

Painting with two colors gives you the option to make new spaces that were originally bland in your home. You can use a dark color and a very light one so the door will stand out. Take advantage of this idea. In your free time create drawings or sketches of ideas that you like.

3. Paint with geometric figures

If you’re a lover of symmetry or geometric figures, you should consider painting your door with them. You can paint rectangles, squares, circles, and triangles. Or you can put these all together to create an orderly pattern. You can use a single pattern or several. Test it out with pencil first to make sure that you like it. If you map out what you want to do before you make it permanent it’ll turn out well.

4. Chalkboard paint

The paint we use for chalkboards is a perfect solution. You can apply it to any surface you want. Vases, walls, glasses, pots, and obviously on your door. Cheer up and decorate doors with black chalkboard paint. You can create a beautiful drawing every day or write down what you don’t want to forget before you leave your house.

5. Decorate doors with Washi tape

Washi tape has also become super popular in home projects. It’s easy to apply and allows us to decorate something quickly. For example, decorate doors with Washi tape by applying it to the door’s contours. If your door is white, Washi tape will highlight it and give the space a pop of color.

You can also cover large areas of the door with this tape. Another way you can use it is by creating horizontal or vertical stripes with different tapes and form a fun pattern. You can cover the whole surface of the door with it. It’s super simple to use. All you have to do is just peel and stick.

6. Decorate with vinyl adhesives

Vinyl adhesives are also decorative elements that designers commonly use in spaces today. For children’s rooms, you can use decorative vinyl with images of animals, characters, or patterns. There’s a large variety to choose from on the market. 

If you have a more rustic style in your home, you can use vinyl that links to nature. You can find trees that occupy the entire surface of a door.

Some adhesives even fit the entire frame of the door. Vinyl adhesives also come in fun phrases or words. It’s very common to place these kinds of adhesives on a wall, but don’t be afraid to put them on a door. Vinyl adhesives also come in geometric patterns. If you don’t have the time or don’t want to worry about a paint project, get a set of vinyl adhesives and call it a day. 

vinyl on door

7. Decorate with fabric

You can make small decorative objects with fabric such as bows, flowers, or whatever you like. Use different colors and textures and stick them on the door. This alternative will look beautiful in children’s or teenager’s bedrooms. In addition, if you keep several pieces of cloth or use old clothes, you can recycle them and reuse them to make these beautiful ornaments and decorate your doors.

These seven tips for decorating doors can be very useful if you want to give your space some extra detail to complete and accentuate the aesthetic that defines your home. Some of these will take longer to do than others. Washi tape or paint are the most economical resources to use. 

The vinyl adhesives generally cost more money, but if you want to invest in the detail, go ahead and splurge! Decorate your doors and you’ll see how that little bit of effort can complete a space.

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