Decorate and Enlarge Spaces with Optical Effects

Do you want to make small changes to your home to enlarge your spaces? Our ideas are easy to implement and don't involve any renovations or major works. See what you can achieve with optical effects.
Decorate and Enlarge Spaces with Optical Effects

Last update: 21 February, 2022

If your home is small, we suggest that you use optical effects to create the illusion of space. This will make your spaces look bigger, brighter, and more beautiful. If you don’t want to start knocking down walls, but you do want to make your home appear more spacious, try these optical effects to decorate and enlarge your spaces.

Lighting, colors, and materials all play a very important role in the game of perception. If you manage to find the right combination, you’ll add huge breadth and depth to your home. Keep reading, because this goal is within your reach.

Optical effects to shape your home

When it comes to shaping your home, start by paying attention to the structure before you begin furnishing and decorating it. The floors, windows, ceilings and walls must be in harmony and always focused to give more space and light to each room.

Flooring has a very important function when it comes to harmonizing each space. To do this, make sure it blends in with the colors of your walls. Equally, choose materials similar to the colors of your walls such as gray or white parquet, natural stone, and marble.

Here’s a tip: make the baseboards the same color as the floor. This will give a feeling of spaciousness.

baseboards featured

Using colors as optical effects

The colors you choose to decorate your home must be light if you want to enlarge your rooms. However, you can complement this with darker tones through the details. It’s also important to choose your color palette well so that there’s some uniformity. The idea isn’t to generate monotony but to create a common thread that tells the story of your vision as an interior designer.

The unification trick

This effect is perfect for when you want to portray roominess. You can do this by painting the walls the same color as one of the largest pieces of furniture in the room. By doing this, the walls and furniture will melt into one and the furniture will lose prominence and, as a result, will appear that its volume is less.

On the contrary, if you have a dark sofa and a white wall, the shapes are more clearly defined. This will cause it to stand out much more and cover more visual space.

Contrast in color

Painting your walls with contrasting colors can help you create very interesting effects. If you want to shorten a long hallway, for example, paint the back wall in a darker color than the rest. This will shorten the space.

If, on the other hand, you want to give more space to a small room that’s adjacent to another, the darker color should be in the foreground and the lighter color in the background. These are optical effects that work!

gold accessories contrast with gray and dark tones

The magic of mirrors: optical effects

Mirrors have many applications when it comes to creating larger spaces. Thanks to them, you can bring luminosity and play with the feeling of spaciousness. Try these visual tricks with mirrors:

Optical effects for the bathroom

The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the home and a mirror can help to change the perception of size. Try using two mirrors: one in an L shape and the other in extra-large. This is so useful when it comes to styling your hair and applying make-up.

Hallway decoration

A fictional window for your living room

Another optical effect is the window effect mirror. Place a large mirror with window-like panels on one of the walls of your living room. By reflecting everything around it, it multiplies space and light, and it looks like a real window.

Infinite feeling for your bedroom

Finally, we recommend covering an entire wall in your bedroom with mirrors. Alongside giving the room a feeling of infinite space, you’ll also be able to check your reflection and create a palatial feel. 

Moreover, try hanging mirrors next to the closet and you’ll have an ideal dressing area, beyond the possibilities of your bedroom.

Optical effects for your home: which ones will you try?

These optical effects are infallible tricks to fill your home with space, without the need to complete major renovations or knock down walls. Colors, light and shapes are capable of working in your favor if you learn how to use them correctly.

Remember to always offset each area of ​​your home. If you have an elongated room, place the larger pieces of furniture towards the ends. For narrower rooms, have furniture that’s shallow and short. Everything that stands out, is always at eye level.

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