Create your own Basketball Court in your Backyard

If you're passionate about basketball, start practicing this sport without leaving home. Create your own backyard basketball court for a healthier lifestyle and to enjoy quality time with your family.
Create your own Basketball Court in your Backyard

Last update: 28 March, 2022

If you’re a sports lover and want to have a dedicated sports area in your home, why not create your own backyard basketball court? It’s a means of exercising for the entire family, without leaving home.

The backyard is a space that’s often underused. Not only can you use it to have a lawn, to grow plants, or as a relaxation and recreational area, you can also use it for playing sports.

Basketball is a great sport for the whole family to enjoy together. Having a basketball court in your backyard will encourage you to enjoy sports in your spare time or spend time with your children while teaching them healthy habits.

Choosing the right space for your backyard basketball court

Basketball court in the garden.

Obviously, when it comes to choosing the right space for your basketball court, make sure it’s not located in a busy area that causes inconvenience or gets in the way. Remember that as well as cement, you’ll also need a net basket that projects from the ground.

As such, the best way to make the most of your entire backyard is to choose a corner for your basketball court. You can fix the net on a wall or fence to ensure that the space can still be used for passage.

When it comes to design, it’s about giving your backyard an extraordinary use and exploiting it to the fullest. Placing the court in a corner gives it a secondary but functional purpose. Always keep in mind that you’re not looking for basketball to become the main focus of your space or to take the lead role.

How to make your own backyard basketball court

Before you begin, don’t forget that numerous construction companies specialize in building sports areas and facilities. If you don’t want to complicate your life or undertake a huge project, hire a professional. However, if you want to do it yourself, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Firstly, choose the space in your backyard where it’ll be located. Calculate the space you have and confirm that the floor is solid and that it doesn’t suffer from humidity. By doing this any greater evils will be avoided.
  • It’s not necessary to make a full-sized court with two baskets. Instead, create one that’s half the size of an official basketball court with a single basket. Use the following measurements: 10 x 13 meters.
  • Remove any grass, sticks, stones, and debris that may be in the enclosure and level the ground. Make sure that the surface is smooth and dry.
  • Pour the cement in a regulated manner throughout the space. Spread it out and smooth it off using a leveler. This step may be the most expensive and time-consuming, but it’s worth doing this properly for the best results.
  • Leave the cement to dry for at least 40 hours. If you think that it still needs more drying time, leave it for longer.
  • Place the basket on one side of the court and ensure that it’s anchored securely to the ground. It musn’t sway or have the potential to fall.
  • Finally, you can paint the lines. Make a draft sketch with charcoal or pencil and then proceed to paint them on the court. It’s important that they’re well defined.
Basketball court.

Possible flaws, maintenance, and repairs

With daily use, various issues may occur that’ll require repairs and intervention from time to time. Equally, the passage of time, inclement weather, and wear and tear can all cause the court to deteriorate.

  • Ice, water, and snow can erode the surface and generate unevenness and fractures. This means that it can also form pools of water every time it rains.
  • Fading lines: due to its use and inclement weather, the paint will eventually fade and disappear. As such, it’s important to buy a strong and resistant paint.
  • The basket can wear and tear from impact. If this happens, it can be easily changed.

Play basketball without leaving home

Sport at home.

Given the busy schedules that we all have, practicing sports in our own backyards is a good solution to enjoying what we love and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Participating in sport on a daily basis will keep us active and provide a release of endorphins. It’ll also help to burn fat and reduce the risk of certain diseases. What are you waiting for?

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