Crafts: How to Make Your Own Key Hanger

We'll explain how to make your own key hanger to keep your keys organized. Get crafty with original designs to make your entrance hall beautiful and practical. The possibilities are multiple, you just need your imagination.
Crafts: How to Make Your Own Key Hanger

Last update: 04 February, 2022

Home organization is a fundamental principle when it comes to aesthetics and wellbeing. Important items should be correctly arranged and stored in their place so that they’re always at hand. In light of this, we’re going to explain how to make your very own key hanger.

The entrance hall is one of the spaces in your home where you can use different decorative resources for both practicality and appearance. You should remember that when you enter your home, the entrance hall is the first room where you and your visitors will come into contact with the combined style of your home. And first impressions are very important! 

The key hanger is one home component that’s often overlooked. However, it helps to add personality and practicality to your home and it’ll keep your keys in order. Ready to get crafting? You’ll never misplace your keys again!

Key hanger made from recycled materials

Recycling: key hanger

If you want to add more originality to your entrance hall, surprise your guests with a key hanger made from recycled materials. The material that you use is irrelevant, the most important thing is that you create an original and unique piece.

If you have a disused plank of wood, you can reuse it by following these steps:

  1. Cut the wood to approximately half a meter.
  2. Depending on the finish of the wood, varnish, paint or polish it to seal it.
  3. Insert hooks and ensure the spacing is a reasonable distance between each one.

If you have a piece of metal or wrought iron, turn it into a key hanger with a design that complements the industrial style. Simply add some screws or hooks on which you can hang your keys.

A house to hang your keys

house shaped key hanger

One interesting element in the entrance hall of any home is a feature in the shape of a house. Obviously, you can buy key hangers in this shape in most decor stores, but, on this occasion, it’s about making it yourself!

With a small wooden plank, you can make your key hanger using these three design options: 

  1. Cut the plank into the shape of a house. Then varnish, or paint it to your liking, before adding some hooks to the lower part to organize your keys.
  2. Another possibility would be to have a door on the house that opens. To do this, you’ll need to make an interior cubicle to store your keys. To do this, join some different rectangular slats and make a door that can be opened and closed with the help of hinges.
  3. Finally, you can make a shelf inside the house for a plant or an ornament. The keys could be arranged on the outside hanging on the hooks, but hanging at the bottom of the house so that you maintain its functionality.

Animal key hanger

DIY for keys

One of the most popular types of key hangers is those depicting animals or in an animal shape. You can create this using silhouettes of your favorite animal.

To make this, use materials such as wood or hardened plastic. On this, you can define the profiles and decorate the surface with colors or shapes.

You can either use flat animal shapes or make a sculpture in 3D.

In addition, you can add a word or welcome message somewhere on the hanger, such as “Welcome to our home!” “Welcome!” “Keys!” Or your family name.

Using a shelf as a key hanger

Shelf for the entrance of the home

An unused shelf can have a double function as both a shelf and a key hanger. The objective is to place the hooks underneath the shelf so that the shelf can still maintain its original function and support objects.

The most common types of shelf key hangers are made out of wood. These can be anchored to the wall better, although you can also find key hangers made out of metal. You could even reuse a dish drainer to make a key hanger as this usually has at least two shelves.

In short, any type of shelf can have another purpose, it can even be in a suspended format. Don’t miss this opportunity to give your home a unique decorative resource and a place to organize and safely store your keys.

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