Comfortable Swivel Chairs for Your Home

In our post today, we want to show you the most comfortable swivel chairs for your home. In addition, let's go over the characteristics a good chair should have to help you narrow down your options.
Comfortable Swivel Chairs for Your Home

Last update: 21 September, 2019

There are so many kinds of swivel chairs on the market but not all of them can keep you comfortable for long periods of time. While many models seem attractive at first, they’re not very ergonomic.

When you think of a swivel chair, conventional office chairs will inevitably pop into your mind. But they’re not your only options. You can also find armchairs, reclinable or relaxing chairs that can spin as well.

Swivel chairs should offer comfort first before style. For the most part, people use them in common areas such as in a sitting room, study, on a patio or porch and sometimes even in bedrooms.

Characteristics of swivel chairs

The base of a swivel chair can be either exposed or hidden depending on its design. The base might include a tube and several legs (4-5 legs) or it might be a circular, cylindrical block or cone.

spinning chairs base

As for the heights of these chairs, they usually measure up to similar sizes. Almost all of the models are low in stature. But they do vary in the fact that some models (like ones with a hidden base) have a steady line that runs from the top of the chair to the floor while others feature a distinguished separation from the base.

On a different note, the materials that compose a spinning chair can also vary depending on the design. There is no one standard material. Furthermore, other interesting factors to keep in mind are: how soft the seat is, if the material has a nice feel or not, and if it’s comfortable to sit in.

Logically, a reclinable back is a must-have feature for spinning chairs. Armrests or footrests, however, are optional. While some models feature both, others might just have armrests. We should also mention that footrests can come either incorporated into a chair’s design or as a separate piece.

Why do people like swivel chairs?

The flexibility that these chairs offer is a real convenience. It’s that very convenience that convinces even interior designers to include swivel chairs in their decor designs if they have space.

These chairs give you the option of taking a seat and spinning around to the window. Or, you can read, take a nap or simply sit and spin back to your computer.

With a swivel chair, you don’t have to get up to change spots or look in a different direction. Above all, their designs cater to being comfortable.

They work best in places where you can both enjoy personal time or time with others. Thus, they’re perfect for living rooms and other common areas.

Fixed or tilt?

Unlike office chairs, which feature a base with 4 or 5 legs for easy movement, swivel chairs don’t have wheels and their bases can either be fixed or tilt. The latter allows the chair to recline.

Swivel chairs usually have a recline of less than 180º, or in other words, they maintain an obtuse angle. Most models actually have an angle between 120º and 150º. These angles allow users to sit in a comfortable position and relax.

Which model is the best for relaxing?

Tilting swivel chairs with armrests and a high backrest are undoubtedly the best options for relaxing. Models with a more rigid structure, on the other hand, aren’t recommended for relaxing your back.

swivel chairs back

Many models actually aren’t ideal for kicking back and relaxing because they have the wrong dimensions and might be uncomfortable. Wooden swivel chairs are the perfect example. While they’re beautiful and original, they’re less than ideal for sitting down for more than 5 minutes.

Additionally, while sculptural chairs aren’t common sights in home decor if you do have them, place them in an area where they can be appreciated for their function as an exclusively decorative element.

Swivel chairs are generally a great furniture piece for people who love comfort. Enhance them by adding a blanket or a pillow. And don’t forget that a nice rug at your feet, too, is a great addition.

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