9 Essential objects you Should Have in your Home

Do you really know which objects can't be missing from your home, and why? Keep reading to find out which essential objects are on our list.
9 Essential objects you Should Have in your Home

Last update: 22 December, 2018

There are essential objects in every home. These are generally thought of as just being a basic part of the furniture. However, it’s certainly true that there’s much more to it than that.

While it’s important for objects to carry out the function they were designed for, they can also contribute to the decor of your house. M any of these essential objects can also function as decorative pieces.

6 essential objects

1. An adequate mattress

You might not think it, but the humble mattress doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves. It’s directly responsible for good sleep, or in other words, a good night’s rest. So, the first of the essential objects you should have in your home is a good mattress. Your back and your whole body will thank you every day.

For that reason, you mustn’t skimp when it comes to investing in something that you use so frequently. It will directly affect your health and well being.

2. Hat rack

Whether for hats, scarves, coats or bags, it’s necessary to have a good hat rack. You could attach one to the wall, to have a ‘floating’ hat rack, so it doesn’t take up any floor space. Or of course, you could always go for one of the classic stand-alone hat racks. Keep it in a handy corner near the door.

A hat rack is one of the essential objects you should have in your home

This should be one of the essential objects for any home since it helps to keep things neat and tidy. It also gives you a place to store items you use regularly. You can avoid things piling up on the table, in a chair or in a corner. This could make your home seem untidy and draw attention away from your decor.

On the other hand, you should also think about the fact that your guests will always be happy to have a place to hang their things. They won’t need to ask the host where they can put their coats, bags etc.

3. Fold up clothes rack

These days, the fold up clothes rack is another essential object. This is particularly the case when the weather isn’t good for drying clothes. One of these clothes racks can prove to be very useful. Of course, t he best part is that it can be stashed away out of sight in any corner around the home.

Another advantage of the fold up clothes rack is it can be used when you’ve done a big wash. I t can be an excellent back up to hang the clothes out to dry.

4. Floor length mirror

Who doesn’t like to check their appearance before going out? That’s why a floor length mirror is another one essential object to have in the home. It lets you see the result of your choice of clothing, and of course, check that you’re looking good!

Having a floor length mirror is also convenient when it comes to decorating a room since it adds depth and light. They can be especially useful in dark or small corners.

5. First aid kit

Despite the fact that you might not need to use it every day, it’s always a good idea to have a small first aid kit handy. Just in case something happens. After all, health and well being is always a priority, whether you need to attend to a bee sting or a scratch.

A first aid kit is one of the essential objects of your home

Today, there are very discreet first aid kits available that you can store in any location. They don’t take up much room and won’t affect your decor. There are also first aid kits available that are very pretty. You could make them into a feature of the room, such as a kit with a vintage theme.

6. Set of crockery

When you want to invite visitors and enjoy food or drink, it’s fundamental to have the necessary implements to serve, distribute and offer food or drinks. And although it’s not necessary to have a huge or expensive crockery set, it is essential to have the basics.  This goes for cutlery too.

You should also have these items…

Some other essential objects that any comfortable and stylish home should have are:

  • A library. If you like reading, it’s a good idea to create a reading corner with a completely personalized library.
  • One or more pieces of art. Please note: art doesn’t have to imply hanging a Van Gogh replica or looking for an expensive sculpture. It could simply just be an object that you appreciate or identify with in some way. These pieces can mark a moment, a place and a memory, but also add style to the home.
  • Games to share. For example, you could include a chess board. It could carry out two functions: decorating a table and also could provide entertainment for when you have company.

The above items are essential objects to have in the home. The most important thing is to take into account your needs and your decor, without letting comfort slide.