All about Eclectic Decor

Learn about the main characteristics of eclectic decor and have fun decorating your home in a unique way.
All about Eclectic Decor

Last update: 29 November, 2019

The eclectic decor style is a way to dress up spaces with originality, uniqueness, and dynamism. The word “eclectic” comes from the Greek word “eklektikos“. In philosophy, ekletikos refers to the conciliation of multiple doctrines that encompass different ideas.

The concept can fit in a decor and design context as well, referring to the combination and mix of different decor styles.

So, the eclectic decor style is unique in that it combines elements from different time periods in a single space. In addition, different styles, shapes, textures, and colors also find themselves in the mix as well.

Characteristics of the eclectic decor style

eclectic decor characteristics

If you go with eclectic decor, make sure to seek a sense of balance. In other words, refrain from cramming too many items into your spaces. Overwhelming your settings can create the opposite atmosphere that you want to achieve with your decor.

With that in mind, carefully choose your decor accessories to create a harmonious space.

The eclectic style combines rustic, modern, industrial, minimalist, romantic elements and more. It’s a decor style that’s perfect for our readers who like to collect different sorts of objects. If you don’t have the budget to purchase an entire matching set of furniture, going eclectic could be your perfect solution.

How to pull off eclectic decor for your home

First, turn your attention to your wall color as an eclectic decor will combine all kinds of elements with different colors and shapes.

Neutral colors will be your best option. Examples include white, gray or beige. Neutral walls will help brighten your interiors and prevent your home from looking cramped. In addition, neutral colors are easy to match with decor accessories. They’ll allow you to try an eclectic style in any room of your home – bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining room.

Choosing the right furniture

eclectic decor furniture

Your furniture will be the largest items in your rooms. Being big, it needs to reflect an eclectic style. Here’s an idea – use a romantic-style couch that has artisan details like wooden feet and complement with a metal, industrial-style armchair.

Or, try using a minimalist leather couch and next to it, place an antique chest and use it as a coffee table. Mix and match different functional and decorative elements throughout your home. By doing so, you can create truly dynamic and unique home decor.

Colors and fabrics

Textiles play an essential role in pulling together a setting. They dress up bare spaces and create warmth for the atmosphere, so be sure to use fabrics in different colors. Solid colors or patterns, neutral or bold tones– it’s up to you. Use the following fabrics in your home and mix the decor styles in your settings:

  • Couch cushions in different sizes and textures.
  • Faux fur rugs or rugs with pattern designs.
  • Wool table runners.
  • Wall tapestries.
  • Flora, striped or solid-colored curtains.

You can use fabrics in several ways to create wonderful eclectic home decor. Or, you can also repeat a certain color or pattern to tie all of your rooms together.

By using a common fabric throughout your entire home, you can create an eclectic decor where all of the rooms share a connection through certain colors or patterns. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle and balanced, this idea could be a great solution.

Mixing and matching different objects

eclectic decor objects

Just as we mentioned above, you can combine all kinds of different objects to create an eclectic space. Below, check out some elements that would work great in eclectic decor.

By throwing all of your favorite objects into your decor, you can create a trendy, original and very dynamic setting. Just add your treasured pieces and personal details to your rooms. Give the eclectic decor a try and fill your home with style.

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