A Kid-Friendly Christmas Celebration

Celebrating Christmas in family means adults and children alike enjoy a holiday full of magic. But how can you prepare a celebration for the family?
A Kid-Friendly Christmas Celebration

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Yes, a “kid-friendly Christmas” seems pretty obvious as children already love the holiday. But it’s easy to forget their interests in the most basic parts of the celebration – the Christmas menu, decor, and atmosphere… So grab a pen and some paper. We have plenty of ideas to help you prepare your celebrations with your kids in mind.

A kid-friendly Christmas meal

If you have a big family or are planning on hosting many guests, the first thing to consider is setting up a separate table for the kids. Having their own table will make them feel extra special and at the same time, give the adults a little more room.

Just remember to keep their table setting to a minimum and clear off anything that could be dangerous. Excess and dangerous items aside, they’ll be ready to have a blast.

One table setting per child

As important as it is for adults to have their own spot at the table, it’s even more important for children. Set up name cards to indicate the seating arrangements and prevent conflicts. Or, prepare a picture of them on their chairs or make a game out of finding their spot.

Christmas party tableware

Delicious starters

Set up small appetizers with fun Christmas themes on a big table so everyone can help themselves. Try snack wreaths, Christmas-tree shaped goodies, Christmas characters, reindeer or Santa Claus…

Dishware to match the season

Christmas is a special day for children. Make it 100% exciting for them by using special plates with seasonal decor. Feel free to use paper plates for an easy clean-up.

The menu

For a glorious kid-friendly Christmas celebration, make sure they feel comfortable during the entire meal. To make sure of this you’ll have to keep them up to speed on what to expect throughout the festivities, especially the meal.

Prepare menus to give out to each person. With a menu, they will know exactly what to expect.

And make sure that you plan something special and delicious. Try to keep the adult and kid menus the same with more or fewer side dishes.

And dessert?

When it comes to dessert, make it all about the kids. Let them really enjoy it! Chocolate cake is a tried and true favorite, but feel free to add two or three more options to give them more variety. And be careful about allergies! Check with the parents before planning your menu.

A surprise detail

Why not make Christmas the most magical night of the year? If you want to throw a kid-friendly Christmas party, gifts and surprises are a must.

Pop a little box of gummies or chocolates onto each plate. Label the boxes with the children’s names and make sure that they’ll like whatever you fill the box with.

christmas family gifts

The final touch

A kid-friendly Christmas plan will remember that children are energetic by nature. They won’t be sitting down for too long. Offer them things to do so that their parents can enjoy the evening as well without  interruptions.

Prepare some hot chocolate and cookies to enjoy as they do Christmas crafts.

Don’t forget to have a play table prepared with paper, markers, stickers, clips of yarn, fabric scraps… all kinds of materials to help their imagination run free.

The rest of your home decor

Besides for your Christmas party, if you have children, decorate your entire home. They’ll love to feel the holiday magic in their rooms or in the living room, kitchen or deck.

Set up lights in their room, a small fabric Christmas tree, and an Advent calendar. Also, don’t forget to pull out their winter clothes.

You can also transform your kitchen with DIY crafts and projects that’ll really make it feel like Christmas. Put festive towels in the bathrooms as well as some golden candles and other decor accessories to bring home the magic.

Enjoy a magical kid-friendly Christmas that they’ll remember for years to come.

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