Creative Ideas for Making Your Own Bookmarks

Making your very own original bookmarks has never been so fun and easy. Create your own inventive designs for your little ones, for friends and for yourself. You'll love these ideas!
Creative Ideas for Making Your Own Bookmarks

Last update: 10 June, 2019

Do you love the world of books? Do you always like to have a book close by? Well, you’ll love this article on making your own bookmarks! They can be a very enjoyable DIY project, and are a useful item – you can mark your place in the latest story you’re reading; they’re not just for show like some craft projects.

Bookmarks can also be very cute little gifts to give to your family and friends. You can personalize them and create all different kinds of designs.

Below, you’ll find a list of creative ideas on making your own bookmarks. Let your imagination loose and create different designs and styles for you and your loved ones.

Making your own bookmarks with personalized drawings

One idea for making your own bookmarks is to use folded card to achieve patterns

If you like arts and crafts, you can most likely also draw well. So, the first option on our list of creative ideas for making your own bookmarks is to design one with a personalized drawing.

To start off, you just need a long rectangle of card, some colored pencils or paint and a bit of imagination. You could draw or paint something you like, and laminate it after you finish. You can’t get more personalized than that! It’ll say ‘you’ all over.

If you make one of these bookmarks to give as a gift, think about the person you’re making it for. You could draw one of the person’s favorite things or something motivational.

On the other hand, if you don’t like drawing or painting, you could also create the same type of bookmark using colored or patterned paper. You could use various shapes, letters or swirls with different paper patterns. Try using a stencil to get the shapes you want. Why not also try a bit of origami or other methods of folding paper or card to get a pattern?

Use felt and paper clips

Create animal shapes out of felt and stick them to some paperclips

With these two basic items, you can create pretty and fun bookmarks. Use the felt to create the shape that you want. Think of different animals, flowers or toy shapes, among the hundreds of possibilities that exist.

Once you’ve cut out the shape, you will just need to stick the paperclip on the back. You’ll have your bookmark made in just a matter of minutes!

We suggest that you make the felt shapes quite small. This is so that they don’t stick out too far outside of the book; you don’t want your bookmark to fall out. Along the same lines, make sure you use a big paperclip so that it will stay on the pages of the book where you put it.

If you want to give a funny touch to your bookmarks, why not buy some small plastic eyes that move around? Use them instead of the felt for your animals’ eyes. If you give the bookmark to a child, he or she will love the moving eyes.

Pompom bookmarks

Why not make some cute pompoms if you're handy with scissors and wool?

Did you know that colored pompoms are in fashion at the moment? They’re also fun to use for your bookmarks. You’ll be able to create them quickly and easily.

You will just need some wool in colors you like to create your pompoms. Watch this video to find out how. But of course, if you’re not too handy with scissors, you could buy some small pompoms in different colors.

Glue the pompoms onto pop sticks, and you’ll have several simple, cute bookmarks to use or give to friends.

Bookmarks that bite your page!

Create some cute bookmarks with craft foam

One of the most popular styles of bookmark at the moment is the kind that you can place against the back cover of your book, and lift up the front flap to put into the page you want to mark.

To make this type of bookmark, you will need a sheet of craft foam (or EVA foam) and colored or patterned paper. Think about what shape you want to make your bookmark. You could make a heart shape, a ladybug or another kind of bug that appears to bite the page with its mouth. Or you could make an animal shape. When you’ve chosen the shape of your bookmark, follow these next steps:

  1. Cut out the shape you want from the craft foam.
  2. Cut out the same shape, but a little smaller this time, from the patterned paper.
  3. Stick the paper shape onto the craft foam shape, only gluing down the top edge.

Now you’ll be able to lift up the top flap to mark your current page.

With popsicle sticks

Some cute ice cream stick bookmarks made into animals

Popsicle sticks are another item that you can use for making bookmarks. You can create bookmarks that look like a cactus, a magic wand, a flower with a long stem or any other object that has a longish shape. The sky’s the limit!

To make them, you just need a few popsicle sticks and some craft foam or felt. You could cut out small shapes and even paint the popsicle sticks.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to get creative and start making your very own personalized bookmarks. Have fun!