9 Decor Trends We Should Temporarily Forget

Join us as we pay tribute to nine of the decor trends that have accompanied us for several years. As we embark on a new year, it's time to make way for new decor in our homes.
9 Decor Trends We Should Temporarily Forget

Last update: 30 December, 2021

Fashions come and go. What seems precious to us today may fall into oblivion and be forgotten tomorrow. As such, today, we’ll focus on nine decor trends that we should temporarily forget.

If our homes are still governed by any of these trends, it’s time to undergo a facelift and update our tastes to a more current version.

living room with wallpaper
Image: amazon.es

1. Say goodbye to exaggerated wallpaper

Wallpaper will continue to reign for a long time, but we must say goodbye to its more exuberant versions. This includes large and overwhelming tropical prints, extra-large flowery patterns, and intense colors.

Replace it with a call to calm incorporating neutral tones and subtle designs in greens and blues. It’s about generating calmer environments that invite relaxation.

2. Decoration details using macrame

The bohemian style was made with a worthy representative: macramé. Ornaments for walls, pot hangers, chairs…and so much more! The previous fascination has now become outdated. 

Instead, replace it with botanical-inspired prints and ornaments in natural fibers to give a refreshing new look. Natural fibers will be around for a long time to come.

Granite countertop.

Arguably the most resistant countertops that we can find, but granite is far from being the most beautiful. Although it’s one of the most used materials for this purpose, it’s time to forget about it and replace it with marble or wood. These materials are a great addition to any kitchen and they modernize rooms and fill them with light.

4. Fewer cacti and more lush plants

Cacti captured our hearts and not only in their natural format! They also filled our homes with patterns for decor lovers around the world. Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye because now, we prefer more lush plants that are full of life. Choose plants that are capable of beautifying our environments and purifying the air we breathe.

5. Glass bathroom countertops

Tempered glass in the form of countertops was a total trend some yesterdays ago. But fortunately, this is no longer the case! Although aesthetically they looked quite good, they were a real nightmare when it came to keeping them clean, since water stains were always visible.

Instead, this gives way to synthetic resins and wood, much more resistant and with infinite design possibilities.

Kitchen room

Neutrality has secured a place in the hearts of all interior designers and this has caused striking colors to take a back seat. They should only be used lightly and sparingly. 

Hence, colored kitchens are outlawed! Natural finishes triumph and, with them, tones reminiscent of wood and stone. Open and light-filled kitchens are on-trend, with aromatic plants and multifunctional spaces that make our lives easier.

7. Dark wood furniture

That dark shade so similar to chocolate brown was also a favorite a few years ago but, as we’ve seen, luminosity prevails.

We now look for environments that fill us with peace and a tranquil vibe. Natural wood furniture combined with white is the new trend–and we must confess, we love it!

8. Let’s replace tubular handles

Kitchens with tubular handles that stood out from the cabinets and drawers went hand in hand with the striking colors that we talked about earlier. Just like the striking colors we mentioned, tubular handles are no longer current.

Now, we opt for smooth fronts and invisible buttons or finger push and pulls that go completely unnoticed and give a feeling of lightness to the space.

Vertical furniture with pictures.

Creating compositions of paintings on the walls that breathe and that are in tune with minimalism is another of the key points that we must follow.

It’s the end of an era for walls full of prints, photos, and paintings that we liked so much a couple of years ago. Lightness is making a comeback and we think it’s great.

The premise of less is more is imposed and both the colors and the materials we should now use are more natural and softer than ever before.

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