Rainwater Stains on Windows: Home Remedies to Remove Them

Discover the home remedies that you can make at home to remove rainwater stains from your windows.
Rainwater Stains on Windows: Home Remedies to Remove Them

Last update: 06 November, 2021

During the rainy season, it’s common for water to stain the windows. Contrary to what many people may believe, rainwater doesn’t clean the windows. The combination of residue that remains in the raindrops and the dust that accumulates on the windows causes the appearance of stains that are difficult to remove.

Thus, rainwater is a problem, rather than a natural solution to cleaning windows. Added to this is the difficulty in removing stains when we let dirt continuously accumulate. However, you no longer have to worry because we have some very useful home remedies.

Tips for cleaning rainwater stains on windows

Cleaning glass windows is a simple task, but it requires your attention to achieve a good result. Before talking about home remedies to remove rainwater stains on windows, we have some other tips for you to consider.

  • Choose a good day to clean: it’s ideal to clean your windows on a cloudy day, but without rain. So you can clean with peace of mind and visualize your progress.
  • Zigzag cleaning: follow this pattern to apply the cleaning product. Also, do it in opposite directions inside and out.
  • Soapy water and a sponge: use these materials for a first clean when your windows are very dirty. After a general clean, you’ll uncover the stains that you should focus on.

Home remedies to remove rainwater stains on windows

Drops of water on the windows.

If it’s the perfect day weatherwise, clean up excess grime and practice the zigzag technique, then there’s just one more step to go. It’s time to choose the home remedies that are going to help you remove water stains on the windows. You can choose any of the following:

White vinegar

White vinegar has antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties that make it an indispensable product in the home. To use it on your windows you only have to dilute a part of vinegar in an equal part of water. If you’re going to use half a liter of this home remedy, half of this should be vinegar and the other half water.

Put a little of the mixture in a spray bottle with which you’re going to apply it on the window. Next, take a microfiber cloth and start zigzag cleaning. Before the vinegar dries, use a clean, dry cloth to complete the cleaning.


Vinegar and lemon

Lemon has properties similar to those of white vinegar, so it’s a very good ally when it comes to cleaning water stains on windows, glass, and mirrors. Put some water in a spray bottle and add the juice from a couple of lemons. Spray it on the glass and use a cloth to clean in a zigzag pattern.

It’s also an option to use lemon juice with vinegar and water. The cleaning action will be greater and the lemon can hide the smell of vinegar that can be somewhat unpleasant.

Sodium bicarbonate

Another of the star products for cleaning at home is baking soda. To remove water stains on your windows you need to mix a little baking soda in water to form a kind of paste. Use a microfiber cloth to spread the paste onto the glass.

When all the glass is covered in the mixture, rinse with water and use a clean cloth to remove any lumps that remain. All the bicarbonate will clean off, as will the pesky stains.

Corn starch

Corn starch isn’t only used for thickening sauces or soups. Incredibly, it works to clean your windows too. To do this, mix three tablespoons of the powder in one and a half liters of water.

Then use a cloth or sponge to zigzag clean the windows. Let the solution work for a few minutes and when it starts to dry, use a clean, damp cloth to remove any starch residue. You’ll see how your windows shine without any stains.

Enjoy windows without stains!

The home remedies that we’ve given you include the use of natural elements that we usually have at home. This makes it easier to keep your windows clean. Not only will you eliminate rainwater stains, but you’ll also have disinfected and shiny glass. Enjoy them!