Poor Hygiene in the Home - How Does It Affect Your Health?

Everyone needs to take good care of their house. It's important to maintain a proper cleaning regime to keep your home environment safe and healthy.
Poor Hygiene in the Home - How Does It Affect Your Health?

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Having a clean house should be a top priority for families. If neglected, the state of your home can deteriorate rapidly. Dirt will soon start to build up, making your home look messy, grimy and unappealing. More importantly, poor hygiene can have a huge impact on your health.

Whether you live in a student apartment, a studio, or a family home, there should always be a thorough cleaning regime. Keeping your home in good condition is a skill everyone should learn from a young age. Only then can you achieve the state of comfort and well-being you deserve.

A dirty home can have a greater impact on your well-being than you might think, both psychologically and physically. Your health should be a priority in every area of your life: work, friends, diet, but especially when it comes to your home life.

Dirt contributes to poor hygiene in the home

Vacuuming the carpets.

One of the biggest problems we face when it comes to keeping our homes clean is a lack of time. The majority of people lead very busy lives. Whether studying or working, we all have stresses, worries, and commitments that make it difficult to keep up with housework.

If you don’t maintain good hygiene at home, dirt can build up without you even noticing. Under the bed, in forgotten corners, on shelves… Any small space can be a haven for dust and dirt. This can make your home life uncomfortable and unhygienic.

It’s important to make one thing clear – your home is a huge part of your life. It’s there that you rest and recharge after a long day. As such, you must make sure to keep it in the best possible state at all times. Trust us when we say it is worth the effort.

You can tackle dirt the same way you tackle weeds – by killing off the root.

Messy bedroom – dangers to your health

Bed bugs.

As we’ve already mentioned, poor hygiene in your home can affect your health. You must understand just how many problems a dirty, dusty home can cause. Let’s start by looking at the bedroom:

  • If you don’t dust every week, it can quickly accumulate on shelves, tables and the floor itself. Every time you walk in your bedroom, the dust will start to swirl around in the air, where you will inevitably breathe it in.
  • Daily contact and inhalation of dust could lead you to develop a dust allergy. You can use draft excluders to prevent dust from entering your room.
  • If you don’t change your bed regularly, you’ll essentially be sleeping in your own bodily waste, including sweat and dead skin. As such, it’ll quickly start to smell. It’s important to shower before going to bed and to change your sheets weekly.
  • Ventilation is very important to make sure the room is well oxygenated. By opening the windows for a few minutes in the morning, you allow clean air into the room and clear out the carbon dioxide you exhaled during the night.

A dirty bathroom contributes to poor hygiene in the home

Poor hygiene in the bathroom can lead to the spread of germs.

The bathroom is a space specially dedicated to your personal hygiene. As a result, the surfaces and floor tend to get dirty easily. It’s important to keep your bathroom clean if you want to prevent the spread of germs.

  • Toilets are a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if the bathroom is used by multiple people throughout the day. Needless to say, toilets come into contact with huge amounts of personal waste, so it’s important to make sure to clean them regularly.
  • In many cases, we get infections because of bacteria we pick up in bathrooms. For example, a dirty sink may contain microorganisms that can be harmful to your health.
  • If you want to kill bacteria, you have to use bleach. This product can destroy them, leaving the surface disinfected. While it’s great for ceramic surfaces, it’s not suitable for wood.

The kitchen – always clean and tidy

Dirty dishes.

There’s nothing worse for our health than washing up in the sink, messy floors, and dirty dishes all over the table. All this can create huge problems in the kitchen, as preparing food in an unhygienic environment can be a serious health risk.

Psychologically, coming home to a dirty, messy house can have a huge effect on your mental health. Even reusing cutlery or dishes without washing them first can be harmful to your health.

It’s important to always leave your kitchen clean and tidy. Clear the table after eating, and put all the plates and cutlery back where they belong. That way, it’ll still be in good condition next time you go to use it. Remember – a clean kitchen can promote both mental and physical health.