Here Are the Best Products to Clean Kitchen Counters

Everyone wants a clean kitchen counter.
Here Are the Best Products to Clean Kitchen Counters

Last update: 10 November, 2020

Kitchen counters are work surfaces that need the best care. This is how you’ll eliminate bacteria and dirt. You’ll also be sure that your kitchen will be a healthy area of your house with clean kitchen counters.

Some areas in your home require daily care, above all those where you handle food. That’s why we’re going to find out what the best products are to clean kitchen counters and keep them in perfect condition.

There’s nothing better than a clean house. To achieve this, it’s good to be meticulous and familiar with some of the most effective procedures to obtain satisfactory results.

The simple fact of having disinfected surfaces makes you feel comfortable. You can enjoy your home more and you don’t have to worry about possible dangers.  I

Why clean kitchen counters?

You tend to work with food on kitchen counters. For this reason, they need special care. Dirt and bacteria can be harmful to your health.

You need to take into account that you put every type of item that generates bacteria or dirt on the counter. And this has to be eliminated. Because of that, you should clean it immediately after using it.

Cleaning can’t be done randomly. It’s good to know what material your counters are made of, the quality, their level of fragility, etc. You have to protect them so they don’t get damaged since you can ruin the surface easily.

   The idea is that you have a clean kitchen that’s in good condition.

Cleaning granite counters

Granite is the most common material for counters. Because of its strength and resistance, it’s a good option. And you can find it in different colors. However, you have to be careful with the products that you use to clean it.

Despite it being a strong stone, it can still suffer the consequences of day to day life. Because of that, you’re going to find out how you can clean it safely:

1. A characteristic of granite is that it’s porous. This aspect can be a virtue. At the same time, it’s a weakness. What occurs is that grease can directly penetrate and impregnate the entire surface. As a result, you must react immediately.

2. Using a de-greaser and allowing it to activate for a few minutes, will remove all of the grease and leave the counter impeccable. Then, go over it with soap and water and finally, polish it with a cleaning cloth or paper towel.

3. If you want to disinfect the counter, you can use bleach, but not overdo it, which is useful from time to time. In some stores, they sell special disinfectant products for granite counters.

4. What you should get used to doing daily is wiping your counters with dish soap and water. This won’t damage them and helps to remove grease. This is the only way to maintain them correctly.

Cleaning wooden kitchen counters

Aesthetically, wooden counters in the kitchen look good due to their warm and classy appearance. However, they’re much more fragile than stone counters and require special care to prevent short term damage.

You can’t use harsh and strong products on the surface. Of course, there are special cleaners that are safer to use. However, it’s important to know that wood isn’t that resistant.

It needs a waterproof treatment to combat moisture. Or you can just use vinegar and baking soda when you want to do a deep clean of the surface.

Glass – a light and fragile material

clean kitchen counter made of glass


Kitchen countertops endure all kinds of impact, scratches, and dirt. When it comes to glass, you really need to protect the surface. You can easily see the dirt so it needs fast treatment.

Again, dish detergent is a good option for daily cleaning. But also, you can work with bleach and special products that you can purchase. It’s especially important to pay attention to calcium spots that are very noticeable. 

Definitely, any of these kitchen counters need regular cleaning, all depending on the type of material that you choose.


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