Tips to Keep Your Home Clean During The Summer

The last thing we want to think about during the summer is cleaning. But if we're at home, there are some rooms and appliances that'll really benefit from your attention. 
Tips to Keep Your Home Clean During The Summer

Last update: 04 August, 2021

For many people, summer is synonymous with vacations, adventures, and where fun is never-ending. However, for those staying at home this season, the high temperatures can pose a cleaning challenge. Therefore, this is a good time to take specific measures to achieve order and cleanliness. Discover some tips for keeping your home clean during summer.

1. Clean your air conditioning filters and fan blades

Tips to keep the house clean in summer

Air conditioning is a great ally during the summer season. Cleaning or replacing your filters not only improves air quality and reduces consumption, it can also prevent it from breaking down. Equally, it ensures that you won’t be without it or have to cope with the heat.

However, this isn’t the only appliance that needs cleaning during the summer season. Having a dusty fan promotes the appearance of allergies. So it’s a good idea to clean the blades with a damp cloth so that both you and your family can enjoy clean, cool air.

2. Keeping your home clean during summer: organize your closet

Summer has arrived! It’s time to release your shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits from the back of your closet and store your winter clothes away. It’s also the perfect opportunity to clean your closet.

Likewise, you can take the opportunity to review the summer clothing that you previously stored. Separate the items you’re going to use from the ones that no longer fit or the items you don’t like. This will give you more space to organize and even fill with new clothes.

Finally, this advice also applies to bedding. Get rid of the comforter you were sleeping with and start using fresh, cool, and lighter sheets.

3. Wash windows and screens

Cleaning windows is a task that many of us put off, but rest assured it’s better to do this during the summer than during the winter. To do this, you’ll need water, soap, a scouring pad, and a glass cleaner. If it’s been a while since the last time, you may need to scrub hard to get rid of the dirt.

Mosquito nets also require your attention. Remember that humidity encourages mold growth, and by washing, you’ll remove both mold and dust, which will allow more air to enter your rooms.

4. Keeping your home clean during summer: go outdoors

The less time you and your family are indoors, the cleaner and tidier your home will be. This is especially helpful advice if you have children and pets. Encourage your children to take their toys out to the yard and go for a walk with your pet.

Of course, you must clean your outdoor space too. If moss and lichen have taken over, spray a mixture of bleach and water to kill them, then proceed to wash it away.

5. Organize your pantry and clean your kitchen

High summer temperatures affect the food in your pantry. Therefore, it’s necessary to review your food stocks, so that perishable items can be removed and any products in poor condition can be discarded.

This is also a good time to clean your freezer and remove accumulated frost and sanitize any liquid spills. Also, take a look at your frozen food and throw away any items that are past their best.

Finally, try to do a general clean of your kitchen. In this way, you’ll also keep the most common summer pests away.

6. Clean your garbage disposal and drain

The challenge of keeping the house clean in summer

In the summer months when food spoils more quickly and begins to give off odors, it’s essential to frequently clean the drain connected to the garbage disposal.

To unclog your drains and prevent them from smelling bad, pour in baking soda, followed by vinegar. Let it get to work for at least five minutes and finish with boiling water. Also, you can repeat this every two weeks to keep the kitchen free from unpleasant fragrances.

The challenge of keeping your home clean during summer

The last thing we want to think about during the summer is cleaning. But if we’re at home, there are some rooms and appliances that’ll benefit from special attention.

Therefore, follow our tips for keeping your home clean during summer.