Cat Shelves: Decorative Feline Spaces

Cat shelves allow you to provide a play space for your four-legged feline companion. They can even perfectly match the style, shape, and decor of your room.
Cat Shelves: Decorative Feline Spaces

Last update: 18 May, 2021

Cat shelves are an excellent option for lovers of both felines and elegance. If you’re a cat owner, you’ll know that they’re animals that love to climb and they’re crazy about adventure.

However, this stops being fun when they spoil decor by jumping on it or by taking over spaces that you didn’t think to give them. Well, with this type of space, both you and your pet are happy.

What are cat shelves?

Ladder type cat shelves.

The most common cat shelves are similar to the floating shelves that you use to decorate your home. They’re adjusted to the wall space and you can find them in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

In the specific case of shelves designed for the use of cats, you’ll find that they’re also upholstered so that they’re comfortable. There are also some that come with cave-like accessories, which in addition to playing at different heights, provides a place to rest comfortably.

In fact, there are some shelves that include scratchers and other gym-style accessories. You can also find shelves designed to be installed in the windows so that our feline companions can enjoy the view, something they also love.

How to choose the perfect place to install cat shelves?

As with all types of decoration, choosing the perfect placement guarantees, to a large extent, the success of its use. It’s not the same to place cat shelves in the living room as in the kitchen, for example.

The perfect place to install cat shelves in the home depends on the tastes of the cat. Yes, that’s right, you can put the most beautiful and elegant cat shelf in the living room, but if your cat’s favorite place to play is in the dining room, you’ll have trouble getting the cat to use it.

Of course, there are methods to teach your cat to use his shelves, we’ll talk about that later. But what we really want to learn is how to match your decor with elegant shelving accessories that are useful for cats.

  • Available space: if you’re going to place your cat shelf in the living room and it’s a narrow space, it’s best not to use large and robust accessories. It’s best to choose a tall, narrow ladder-type shelf that doesn’t protrude too much. If, on the other hand, you have a large living room, you can afford to install large shelves with posts and bridges.
  • Surface material: it’s very important to consider the material of the wall on which the accessories will be attached. Because, if it’s not resistant the wall can be damaged at the time of installation or, even more dangerous, damaged when the cat climbs. Maybe even causing the shelf and the pet to fall. In the case of window shelves, you must be sure of the resistance or strength of the glass.

What’s the perfect height for cat shelves?

Identify the height that your pet likes the most.

Cat shelves should be as high as possible. If your ceiling is low, it can go almost to just below the edge of it. Keep in mind that although cats are excellent jumpers, so the shelves should be in the shape of a ladder. Place the first one about 50 centimeters from the ground.

This will prevent your cat from hurting itself when it jumps from the top to the bottom and will also prevent the cat from choosing other decorative objects to make its journey easier.

It’ll also be very useful if you can identify and understand your cat’s personality. Often, it may not be necessary for the cat shelves to be placed too high, especially if your cat isn’t interested in heights.

Types of cat shelves


This is one of the most common types. It’s made up of three or more individual pieces. The idea is that you install them at different heights, as the name implies, making a ladder. It’s recommendable to complement them with cave-like accessories so that the cat can also rest there.

With ramps

Shelving with ramps.

This shelf is similar to the one we named above and should be installed in the same way, forming a ladder. The difference is that between each of the pieces there are ramps. This will allow your cat to move between one shelf and the next without the need to jump. You can also complement them with other types of accessories for pets.


This type of shelf comes in a single piece, it’s ideal to complement any of the two options mentioned above. As the name suggests, this shelf is fixed to the wall and features a tray-shaped frame that functions as a hammock.

Others are fixed to the wall of a wooden plate with two fixed structures at each end and strong fabric that stretches from side to side.

Window hammock

This type of window shelf is an option if you have a lovely view and a solid window. They’re very simple but loved by cats. They come in a firm square frame with a soft fabric that cats can rest on and it takes the shape of a hammock.

They stick to the glass with four large suction cups. Two caps are located in the lower structure and the other two are attached to two supporting ropes; the ropes give the hammock its strength.

Modular shelves

Modular shelves for cats.

This is a very nice and elegant type of bookshelf. It comes from three or more honeycomb modules with holes that connect them to each other. They’re usually made of wood and work very well as a cat bed.

At the top, you can put other decorative accessories that cats enjoy, such as cat toys and treats.

Tree shelves for cats

This is a type of oversized bookshelf. It’s recommended for large walls or for empty and sometimes bland corners.

As its name suggests, it’s tree-shaped, fixed to the wall with several levels that are supported by the main structure. In addition to steps, it usually has scratching posts, beds, and caves.

What do I do if my cat won’t use the shelves?

As a cat lover, you’ll know that cats are neophobic, that is, they’re wary of everything new and unfamiliar. However, you can try luring your cat to each shelf with his favorite snack or with catnip. That’ll be a whole process in which you must give them space and time.

Most likely, if the cat shelf is located in the place where your cat likes to be, with your help, your cat will lose its fear, and start enjoying it. Remember, you can place a bed at the top, as well as try leaving some food there.

Make your cat happy with decorative shelving

Cat shelves are beautiful, right? You no longer have to worry about giving your four-legged friend special spaces, because you can find shelves that fit the style of your spaces.

Feel free to combine these shelves as you see fit, especially if you have two or three cats. They’ll need even more safe spaces to have fun and ideally they should do so at ease without damaging your decor and ornaments.

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