4 Shelving Units from IKEA to Inspire you

Shelving units from IKEA can be an excellent option for storage in and around your home. Here you can find four of them.
4 Shelving Units from IKEA to Inspire you

Last update: 20 November, 2018

In the following article, we want to show you some shelving units from IKEA that you can currently purchase. They are easy to get hold of and are also very economical.

Having enough storage space in your home is fundamental, especially if you live in a small house or apartment. To maximize storage, you should make the most of the available space in your home, including higher up areas. To take advantage of these, it’s important to correctly distribute the space you have.

Also, there are many resources available to help you create successful storage space. Some of these are glass cabinets, closets, built in cupboards, or bookcases (as we will explain). These are just some of the possibilities you might be able to use.

IKEA are experts at creating  storage solutions that are aesthetically appealing and at the same time practical and functional – perfect for any zone in the house. Don’t forget that the furniture you can buy from IKEA is usually expandable. This can take the form of repeating the same structure as many times as you like or need, such as for boxes, baskets or dividers.

It’s also common to find the same model in different colors, so you can choose the most appropriate color to suit your home.

Read on to learn about four different ranges of bookcases and shelving units from IKEA that might interest you. You could use one to increase the storage capacity of your home.

4 shelving units from IKEA for your home

1. BILLY shelving

Who hasn’t heard of someone talking about the Billy shelving units? In this range you, can find various bookcases/shelves. The price varies depending on the dimensions of each unit. You can find products starting at 35 euros and going up to 345.

Billy shelving units from IKEA can be adjustable

Source: ikea.com

The principal advantage of these shelving units is that the shelves are adjustable. You just need to take into account your needs: what size objects you want to store, if you want more or less of a sense of space between each shelf, etc.

It’s also important to anchor these shelving units to the wall. And as regards to cleaning, it’s very simple. Just wipe them down lightly with a damp cloth, and then dry the shelves with a dry cloth.

2. KALLAX shelving units

KALLAX offers you various shelving units, with a varying price roughly between about 80 and 100 euros. It’s an economical and very practical option.

Also, some models incorporate doors or drawers, which are ideal for people who are a little more disorganized. They are also useful to store away smaller objects.

Some of the shelving units belonging to this series are completely divided into squares. This means you can install them horizontally as well as vertically, however you like. You can customize your shelving unit to suit your home.

As in the previous example, you can choose between various available colors for each model (there’s even a yellow one). Once again, it’s also necessary to anchor the unit to the wall. There’s a device included for this.

3. BROR shelving units

This range is quite novel. Its shelves, as well as being adjustable, are also able to bear double the weight of normal shelves.

You can add sections or shelves without any problems. As your storage needs change, it will be easy to enlarge the storage space without having to change the shelving units.

In the back part of the unit, you can find support posts that form crosses. The result is a much stronger unit than those previously mentioned.

As regards pricing, the cheapest units are around 100 euros, although if you also include accessories, it could go over 300.

4. FJÄLLBO shelving units

This range includes, as well as three types of shelving units, a laptop table, TV cabinet, and a coffee table.

The shelving units are fabricated with metal and solid timber. This makes each piece unique, since you can see the variations in the wood grain, texture, and color. They are ideal to add to the ambiance of a home with a rustic style decor.

One of the advantages of this type of shelving unit is that the feet are adjustable. This makes it ideal for uneven floors to correct any leaning of the unit.

Use shelving units from IKEA to decorate your home

Source: ikea.com

Advantages of buying shelving units from IKEA

These are just some of the shelving units from IKEA that you can find for your home. If you want to browse for other possibilities, you can look online on IKEA’s web page at their latest catalogue.

Lastly, think about the advantages that these shelving units from IKEA present: diversity of colors, adjustable shelves and/or feet, the possibility of expanding the theme using accessories… They are also very economical and functional options for the design of your home.