7 of the Best Lamp Styles to Make your Spaces More Vibrant

There are lamp styles that will fit in with all of the decorations and designs in your home. So, you should find the one you like the most and mix it in with the rest of your furniture and accessories. 
7 of the Best Lamp Styles to Make your Spaces More Vibrant

Last update: 12 January, 2019

Lamps aren’t just for lighting, they’re also great for decorating. In this article, we’ll tell you about the different lamp styles you can choose from to enhance your home. And, they’re also very useful!

The best lamp styles

The right lighting can help us create a more relaxed environment. It can highlight a specific area of the house and it can even make our lives easier. So, choosing the right lighting is an important decision.

If you want to redo an area in your home, you’re about to move or you just want to add a twist to a certain room, we recommend the following lamp styles. They’re very trendy in the world of home decor:

1. Rustic style lamp

Ideal for living rooms and kitchens where wood is the focal point of the room. It goes very well with fur fabrics and leather.

A rustic lamp hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen will make your family lunch or dinner even more enjoyable. It’d also be great for afternoon tea and cake or a movie on a Saturday night. It will adapt to any occasion!

2. Modern style lamp

lamp styles

If your living room or dining room is more up-to-date, then modern lamp styles are perfect for you. You’ll find dozens of options on the market. Or, you can even make one yourself.

What are the must-haves? Silk fabrics, metal and a ‘futuristic’ looking shape that matches your decor. You can choose whichever color best fits your taste!

3. Romantic style lamp

This is also known as the ‘royal’ style because it reminds us of great halls in palaces and castles. It’s perfect for shabby chic decor.

Romantic lamps have chandeliers and use tear-drop shaped light bulbs. They also have beautiful pendants that look like jewels. In terms of colors, gold and silver are the most elegant options. However, there’s also white, black, brown or even red, green and blue. 

4. Artichoke style lamp

This style is perfect your kitchen and it’s one of the most fun lamp styles of the season. If you look closely at this lamp, it looks like an artichoke! That’s because it has twelve superimposed arcs. It’s not green like the vegetable; instead, it has gold, brown and copper tones. Although it may not seem like it, it will light up the room well and will look great hanging over a table. 

5. Classic style lamp

This lamp style never goes out of fashion and can adapt to any environment and almost any type of decor. So, if you love the ‘past,’ but not enough to use medieval decorations, this is the perfect piece for your kitchen or living room. 

An example of a classic lamp is one with bird, flowers or butterfly designs.  Try combining it with the eclectic style and you’ll definitely love the result.

6. Mountain style lamp

Salt lamps are used on tables and other pieces of furniture because it gives the room a more mountainous, country and nature-like ambiance. They’re orange and claim to have healing properties that help with depression, anxiety, and stress.

Also, they’re great for beautifying any environment and give your home a warmer feel. They’re made with Himalayan salt and are ideal for both the living room and the bedroom.

7. Moroccan style lamp

This lamp is decorated with colored glass and beads that give any room a unique look.

A Moroccan lamp gives off good energy and will bring harmony into your room. No matter where you live or where you’re from, you can use these to decorate your home. You’ll think you’re in the desert, sitting on cushions on the floor, enjoying a nice cup of coffee from a copper cup.

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