7 Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Office

The accessories used in home offices tend to be much more personal since there's no obligation to follow a certain rule. Here are the seven must-have accessories for your home office.
7 Must-Have Accessories for Your Home Office

Last update: 07 March, 2022

Having an office at home is becoming more and more common, mostly due to the remote employment facilities offered by the Internet. The best thing is that organizing and decorating this space is stimulating. These fun and useful accessories for your home office will motivate and inspire you when it comes to improving your productivity.

Today, office accessories are anything but boring. The variety is so wide that, it’s often impossible to fully explore each purchase beforehand. This applies to items such as pen holders, filing trays, and storage accessories.

Here are the accessories you should have in your office, without neglecting originality or creativity. It’s time to say goodbye to the idea that only graphic designers and artists can have playful and fun elements!

Seven accessories for your home office

1. Voltage regulator

Hardly anyone works from home without a computer and other electronic gadgets. And, to keep them in good condition and prevent their deterioration due to a change in currents, power surges, or some other issue, such as a sudden blackout, it’s important to use a voltage regulator.

There are voltage regulators available in a more discreet format. But, just like power banks for portable devices, some are shaped in comical figures or comprise an additional element to maintain the aesthetics of the environment. And, of course, are designed to hide their presence.

2. Cable organizer

IKEA cable organizer
Source: ikea.com

To prevent any desk or work area from becoming a clutter of visible cables, designers have come up with a brilliant solution: cable organizers.

For the most part, these organizers consist of boxes with a lid that houses the cables inside in an organized way. Asides from keeping cables out of sight, it prevents them from getting tangled. These boxes have between one and three slots, so you can easily adjust and remove cables from different devices.

3. Auxiliary monitor: accessories for your home office

Whenever the possibility arises and provided that the type of work requires it, it’s convenient to have an auxiliary monitor. Whether you place this on your desk or mount it on the wall, this additional tool helps you to visualize the details and reduce eye strain.

Working on a laptop for more than two hours can cause visual fatigue that prevents you from paying attention. In this sense, an auxiliary monitor is a very useful tool.

4. Coasters

It’s no secret that the vast majority of people work while enjoying a hot drink. Consequently, this has made coasters one of the most used accessories in a home office and even outside of it.

The models are varied and, depending on the preferences and style of each person, they can be discreet or extravagant. It’s worth investing in one, to avoid staining or marking your table and having to resort to using disposable napkins or small plates.

5. Filing trays

There are so many folders and organizers with beautiful eye-catching designs that seem a shame to hide. In this regard, a three or four-tier open filing tray can help to keep your papers and notes in place as well as display those pretty designs. This gives a cheerful touch to your work area and won’t detract from your concentration.

6. Pinboards and chalkboards

desk in home office

While some people turn to digital organization such as planners and calendars to keep their walls and desk uncluttered, others prefer to stay organized with physical items. Often seen as convenient and efficient, pinboards and chalkboards serve as visual references that help maintain motivation and productivity.

The size of the pinboard and chalkboard that you choose will depend and vary according to your available space and your taste.

Equally, if you don’t use these accessories to fulfill a function, they’re so decorative and stylish that your home office shouldn’t be without them.

7. Fun trash can: accessories for a home office

A home office can include a trash can with a fun and original design. These can add a playful touch to your home office and instead of hiding the trash can under or behind the desk, it can be left visible. You can even buy miniature ones that fit on the desk.

Other accessories for a home office

Although they don’t necessarily have an important function, there are other accessories for a home office that provide a lot of style and personality. The most popular accessories at the moment are:

  • Small plants.
  • Motivational posters.
  • Pencil cases or pencil holders with fun figures.
  • Anti-stress toys (rubber dolls, Rubik’s cubes, mini zen gardens).

Personalize your space with the accessories that catch your eye the most. Remember, these should be fun, motivational, and stylish. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your home office.

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