5 Types of Radiators for Your Home

Home heating is an essential part of well-being, but radiators aren’t just functional; it’s important to choose a model that goes with your style of decoration.
5 Types of Radiators for Your Home

Last update: 04 March, 2021

Everyone’s grateful for a good heating system in winter; the goal is to feel comfortable in every way. But to achieve this, good parts are essential. Here we take a look at 5 types of radiators for your home.

There are many different types of radiators on the market. Some have really amazing designs, but it’s true that what we most care about is that they’re functional, efficient, and perform well.

However, they can still become an additional decorative resource. They can be aesthetically pleasing and contribute to the overall look of your home. Instead of hiding them or leaving them in the background, why not give radiators more prominence and show off an eye-catching design?

1. The traditional radiator will never go out of style

Different types of radiators for different decorative styles.

One of the most widely used models is the traditional format. They’re usually installed on the lower half of the wall and don’t take up too much space, measuring 28 inches high by 39 inches wide approximately.

They’re often fixed to the wall so as not to get in the way, and they blend into the decor pleasantly and simply. Functionality is the most important aspect of this type of radiator.

However, larger models are also available for larger spaces. This is due to the need to provide heat and achieve energy efficiency. Nevertheless, the more basic model is still the most popular.

A heating system is not only about the heat, but also the components that it’s made from.

2. Vertical radiators

Vertical designs go very well in rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. They’re clearly different from other types and have several significant features:

  • They emit heat into both the lower areas of a room and the upper parts; in this way, heat is spread more effectively into the entire space.
  • They offer higher performance in times when good heating is paramount. For example, in winter when you get out of the shower you feel the cold instantly; that’s when you’ll be thankful for your vertical radiator.
  • Obviously, they make their presence felt in a room as they’re eye-catching. This gives the option of decorating them creatively or painting them an attractive color.

3. Antique designs for modern homes

These types of radiators are not attached to the wall but remain close to it. These were common in upper-class homes in the first half of the 20th century.

The tubes are uniformly separated from each other and don’t form a closed shape. Also, they have legs underneath for greater support and stability.

Aesthetically, they might have designs in relief on the top and be painted in glossy colors such as beige, gold, silver, white, etc. Without a doubt, they contribute to the overall harmony of the home.

A vintage piece that gives a modernist touch.

4. Types of radiators with contemporary designs

A brightly colored radiator.

Nowadays, different designs of radiators create a more contemporary look in the home; in fact, they can even give a certain futuristic and innovative edge.

The idea behind the design is to communicate a degree of modernity, and they’re ideal additions to city apartments. They’re sometimes even used deliberately as decorative and artistic pieces.

This doesn’t mean that they lose anything in efficiency. They often have a sophisticated way of exposing the heater parts to the air by using avant-garde methods. In other words, they’re a distinctive addition to the interior design of a room.

5. Radiators designed for towel drying

Using radiators for towel drying is becoming more and more popular. They’re arranged on the wall like a towel rack and have a vertical design suitable both for heating a room and for hanging towels to dry.

The towels can be hung on tubes that are arranged horizontally with good air flow. In this way, their usefulness is doubled, and the effects on well-being are clear.

To sum up, there are various types of radiators on the market today. All of them share common features while having different designs.

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