5 Modern Decor Ideas for Farmhouses

Modern decor works in most decor styles, even in the most traditional ones. If you have a farmhouse, you can take a few details from modern decor for your home, too.
5 Modern Decor Ideas for Farmhouses

Last update: 27 June, 2019

Sure, farmhouse decor is very trendy these days but today, we want to go beyond the trends and focus on modernizing that traditional decor. In our post, we have some modern decor ideas for farmhouses that will always feature nature in the leading role.

Decor keys for farmhouses

farmhouses decor keys

Farmhouses originate from the rural plains of the US countryside. Farmhouse decor can work for both lovers of everything rustic and city dwellers. But what are the main characteristics of farmhouse decor?

1. A one-of-a-kind space

Wooden walls and floors, high ceilings with exposed beams and perhaps a loft as well. But make no mistake, each home is a truly unique place.

2. Go for white

Aside from brown wood, farmhouse decor uses plenty of white or beige details. These help make homes look bright and spacious. And you can throw in a little shabby chic decor as well!

If you want to create some contrast, try using turquoise, pastel yellow or lilac. But where? Use these colors for doors, vases, decorative pillows or flower pots.

3. “Yes” to rustic furniture

In the best farmhouse home decor, furniture pieces that seem like they’ve been around for decades are essential. They create the setting that you need. You can even use new furniture pieces that resemble old ones.

4. Romantic details everywhere

Farmhouse decor is completely different from urban and industrial styles as it comes from rural life and nature. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be cozy, romantic or delicate.

Modern decor ideas for farmhouses

Planning on moving into a farmhouse or do you have a vacation home that you want to modernize a bit? Check out these perfect modern decor ideas for farmhouses.

1. Use quilt blankets

farmhouses quilt

Quilts involve lots of layers. They have a fabric top layer, a filling, and a fabric bottom layer as well.

Back in the day, people made quilts and blankets by sewing together pieces of unused clothes. But today, you can find all kinds of quilts… and you don’t have to sew them together yourself!

2. Rural art

farmhouse rural

Embracing rural art means hanging up pictures of the countryside, hills, barns, cows, sheep or oxen; and hanging typical farm equipment up on the walls too (like a shovel).

Nowadays, modern decor uses many allusive images and artistic pieces that, while modern, can pass as older art as well.

3. Throw industrial chairs into the mix

farmhouse industrial chair

While industrial and farmhouse decor are complete opposites, you can always mix and match a couple of objects for a beautiful setting. We recommend using Tolix chairs. They’re sturdy and look perfect with a rustic table.

Or, try shaker chairs. Shaker chairs are simple, handy, straight-forward, light and easy to move around or clean. These simple chairs were first created by, as their name suggests, the Shakers that emigrated to the New World. Today, these chairs are a great way to create a one-of-a-kind home decor.

4. Install farmhouse light fixtures

farmhouse light

Not quite sure what we mean by “farmhouse light fixtures”? We’re talking about simple, bell-shaped, metal or stainless still light fixtures that you can usually find in kitchens or contemporary restaurants. Just as they do in industrial decor settings, these kinds of light fixtures work well in farmhouse settings.

5. Restored furniture

farmhouse restored furniture

Stumbled upon an antique furniture flea market or dealer? Great! Look for pieces and restore them to create a perfect setting that uses modern decor as well for your countryside home. Chalk paint is one of the best ways to make your furniture look perfect.

With these modern decor ideas, your farmhouse will look incredible. It’ll fit in its rural setting without missing out on modern details.

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