The Farmhouse Style

Are you into rustic style homes? Who wouldn't be with the warm and tranquil setting that they create for their dwellers?
The Farmhouse Style

Last update: 10 February, 2019

In today’s post, we’re going to focus on a cozy, warm decor style that’s full of charm and character. The farmhouse style turns away from modern sophistication and recalls simpler times.

Create clean, elegant settings that have soul. The farmhouse style is rustic and a bit eclectic, which allows you to mix and match antiques with newer items. That’s actually one of the keys for this style.

However, the most important farmhouse tip is making your decor seem like it’s evolved over time. So, avoid buying furniture pieces that match or they might seem like a set from the same store.

The farmhouse decor style

farmhouse 1

The inspiration for this style comes from old, North American farmhouses deep in the countryside. They have an obvious rural feel but look chic as well.

This style is very elegant and connected to nature, creating special, well-lit ambiances.

The farmhouse style is a current trend that evokes the past in a modern way by using simplicity, design, colors and certain materials.

Together, those elements create a designer look that still has a homey air. You can use the farmhouse style to create one-of-a-kind settings. Think high ceilings with wooden beams and wooden floors as well, just like an actual farmhouse.


farmhouse 2

Farmhouse furniture pieces are big and robust with an aged look that fills rooms with character. Many homes feature second-hand furniture or pieces that have been treated to look weathered.

Tables are big and rustic. Similar to the other furniture pieces, they’re made with solid wood to last a long time.

Rustic benches can’t be missing in your home entrance, at the foot of your bed or in the dining room. They’re versatile, practical and give the decor that farmhouse character.

There are several types of chairs that you could use for this style. Tolix chairs match perfectly with big, rustic farmhouse tables.

Or, Shaker chairs are another great option. Both feature simple designs, matching perfectly with the decor. Canopy beds and grand wardrobes are also furniture pieces that give a home a farmhouse feel.


farmhouse 3

Star colors in this decor are white and creams. Paint your walls, ceilings, and furniture white, ivory or light beige. These colors are wonderful for creating a well-lit, still ambiance. They look lovely with pops of light lilac, pastel yellow and turquoise, which create a gentle contrast.

You can add hints of colors through textiles. For example, use stripes or plaid, which are a must in farmhouse decor. Pillows, throws, blankets, and even curtains or bedding are great accessories for sporting stripes and plaid.


farmhouse 4

Accessories are the final touch to tie up the decor. Anything that is to do with farm life can work for decor. Rustic vintage accessories recreate the right atmosphere.

You can use signs, rakes, metallic cooking utensils, retro telephones, iron hangers, a space for boots at the front door and plants or flowers everywhere.

Other decor elements that add plenty of character are antique farmhouse doors. They’re especially good as kitchen decor or used as a sliding door to divide a certain space.

Remember to add a painting that depicts a farm or farm animals. Additionally, using an industrial element is always a good idea for this decor style.

A style that creates a home

farmhouse 5

If you’re dreaming about turning your home into a countryside haven, the farmhouse style is for you. The best part is that you don’t need a big countryside house to recreate it. It’s a style that’s found a lot of popularity in recent years so you can find relevant decor elements easily.