Reuse Old Furniture for your Pets

Before you go out and buy one, why not try making your pet's bed yourself?
Reuse Old Furniture for your Pets

Last update: 28 January, 2021

If you’ve got an old piece of furniture lying around the house that you’re planning on throwing out, it might be worth considering that, although it might be no use to you, it could be great for your pets. Reusing furniture is really simple, and can be easily adapted and used for your pets.

While they might spend most of the day lying on your sofa, bed or somewhere else in your house, it’s important for your pets to have their own space. Experts recommend getting them used to sleeping in their own beds from a young age. This will help keep your house clean, and you won’t need to spend your time cleaning up the hair they leave all over the house.

You can buy pet beds in any specialist pet store. You’ll find them in all different sizes, materials, and for a whole range of prices. In this article, we’ll show you a much greener, more original, and homely option than simply buying a pet bed. So, why not give your old furniture a new lease of life?

If you’re not sure how to go about transforming your furniture, then read on. In this next section, we’ll give you two ideas on how you can reuse that old furniture you were planning on throwing out.

From an old chest of drawers to great pet bed

Our first idea is to transform your old chest of drawers into a brand new pet bed. This idea is great for both cats and small to medium-sized dogs, but you can also apply the same steps to an old closet to make a large dog bed.

Reuse an old chest of drawers to make the perfect bed for your pets.

Don’t forget to sand the furniture and remove any old staples or nails to make sure your chest of drawers is safe for your pet.

Whatever type of furniture you use, the steps are pretty much the same. The only difference will be the size and height of your bed. As the size of furniture you use should be in proportion with the size of your pet, the height shouldn’t be a problem, as it’ll be able to jump up and down easily.

A step by step guide

Follow these steps to transform your chest of drawers into a pet bed:

1. Remove any extra parts you’re not going to use. First, remove any drawers or doors, and the top section which is often used as a table. You can also remove the sides, leaving only the feet and the base. If you prefer a more enclosed style of pet bed, you can leave two or three sides.

2. Once you’ve got your desired structure, all you need to do is make it comfortable for your pet. First, sand it from top to bottom. Make sure not to leave any screws or staples sticking out, as they could injure your pet.

3. Paint your new pet bed. You could choose similar colors to those you’ve used to decorate the rest of the room so that it matches. Another option is to write the name of your pet on its bed or leave even simply leave the natural color of the wood.

4. Finally, buy a cushion the same size as the base of your bed. Make sure that it is soft and thick. Remember, your pet’s going to spend a lot of time in its bed, so it needs to be comfortable.

Old drawers can still be useful 

This second option is much more simple. Plus, it’s perfect for pets of any size. For this project, all you’ll need is a drawer that’s big enough for your pet to sleep in. This could be a drawer from a closet, nightstand or chest of drawers. If you don’t have any old furniture in your house, you could simply buy some from a second-hand store.

Once you’ve got the size of drawer you want, remove the side with the handle to create an open drawer with only three sides, allowing your pet to jump in and out easily. If you’re using a large drawer, you could even skip this step. It simply depends on your personal preferences and the size of your pet.

An empty drawer can make the perfect bed for your pets.

Sand the drawer until the surface is completely smooth, safe and free of splinters and staples. Next, you can paint and decorate it however you like, and add a cushion to make sure your pet is comfortable.

And it really is as easy as that! In just a few simple steps, you’ll have a practical and original pet bed that you can move around easily, and put wherever you want.

Reusing furniture for your pets will save you money

Before you buy something new for your pets, try to reuse the furniture and objects you have lying around the house. As you’ve seen, it’s really easy to put them to good use, and give them a new lease of life. Plus, these beds are just as comfy as those you can buy at the pet store, so your pet is sure to love it.

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