Bedroom Canopies and Drapes: Tips and Original Ideas

Many people think canopies and drapes are outdated for bedroom decor. But they've made a come back in decor world. Learn about the fun styles that you can create in your bedroom.
Bedroom Canopies and Drapes: Tips and Original Ideas

Last update: 06 February, 2019

Our bedrooms are an entirely personal space for each and every one of us. It’s a place where we rest, wind down and clear our head from studies, work or the day’s activities. So, we really stress decorating your bedroom to make it a personal and cozy space. Using canopies and drapes in your bedroom could transform it.

They might sound outdated because in the past people used canopies on their beds for protection from insect bites. But today, they’ve come back in style for bedroom decor, creating a delicate and romantic ambiance.

Canopies are translucent, light and fall beautifully. They create an airy  ambiance. There are plenty of options to use in your bedroom.

Decorate your bedroom with canopies and drapes

Choose your favorite fabric and color

You can find a large variety of drapes or fabrics. For example, you could use several meters of white or light colored chiffon. Match the color with the rest of your room. White is the most popular color as it goes well with everything.

Matching the color of your fabrics is essential, especially for bedrooms, where you’ll normally find more fabrics. Curtains, blankets, pillows, bedding are all good examples. To decorate with a romantic style, light colors are key. Try using white chiffon with other light fabrics in pastel pink. These colors will look beautiful in rooms for children, babies or adolescents.

Though chiffon might be our top recommendation for canopies, it’s light and tricky to hang. So, feel free to opt for another fabric of your choice. Whatever you choose, remember that a heavy fabric will fall out of place if you don’t secure it well.

Use a canopy with Christmas lights

Another original idea is hanging a canopy from the ceiling over your headboard. Under the canopy, add some Christmas lights. The combination will fill your dreams with romanticism and warmth.

Canopies 1

Drapes around your bed

Just as they did in the olden days, you can try using large drapes around your bed. You’ll be nice and protected, hidden in tranquility and enjoy a deeper sleep. These beautiful drapes could really heighten the intimacy in your room.

Hang a canopy from your ceiling in an original way

You could try using a white canopy along with another one in a different color to hang on your wall in an interesting way. This idea will break down the structure of your room, making it feel more dynamic and whimsical.

Set up a small tent with a canopy

Our next idea is very original and fun. Besides in adolescent or adult bedroom’s, this tent will work great in children’s bedrooms as well.

Choose a corner of your room to hang a long canopy to make a tent. Add some colorful floor cushions inside as well as a synthetic fur rug and soft blanket. It’ll be your new favorite spot. You could use it to read, listen to music, think and rest. If you want, you could even add some Christmas lights to the canopy.

Decorate your curtains with drapes

Here’s a common idea: add more volume to your curtains by adding translucent drapes behind or in front. They’ll protect your curtains and isolate your windows. The curtain add-ons will also create a more delicate setting for your home.

Canopies 2

As you’ve read with us today, decorating with canopies can enhance your home. Dressing up your room with different color fabrics and patterns will do wonders for your intimate space. These ideas are simple and the materials, easy to find as well. You just need to use your imagination. Grab some fabric, plan out the spots and give it a try.

Aside from decorating, you’ll be creating a small area in your bedroom for relaxation, comfort, and intimacy.