5 Decor Ideas for Your Laundry Room

Don't forget that the laundry room is also a part of your home and you can give it a natural, subtle decor that's practical.
5 Decor Ideas for Your Laundry Room

Last update: 02 December, 2018

The laundry room is a space that we just use and try not to spend too much time in. But, why not decorate it as well? We’ll show you 5 tips on decorating your laundry room in our post today.

Normally, we think about decorating our living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, etc. And we ignore other rooms that could benefit from a few decorative details to brighten them up.

The laundry room is a perfect example. Sometimes, we completely overlook it and don’t treat it like our other rooms. What can we do about this? Let’s take a look at some decor tricks.

Keeping it in order is key

Keeping things in order is fundamental. We’re not just talking about the laundry, but the entire home. Organizing a room is essential for creating a nice, comfortable atmosphere. So how can you do this?

  • Arrange your home appliances (washer, dryer…) so they don´t get in the way and can be accessed easily.
  • Don’t throw anything and everything in your laundry room for storage. You should keep this room for items that you’ll use or that can be useful in some way.
  • Use shelves or racks on the walls to distribute your functional and decorative items more efficiently. Your laundry room can look nice if everything is arranged tidily. Each piece of furniture should have its own spot, so you’ll need to arrange things logically.
  • Set up sufficient lighting for working. In other words, use direct light that’ll allow you to see each and every inch of the room clearly. If natural light’s an option, that’s even better.

– Upset the established order and the world will be chaos –

Heath Ledger

The importance of a closet

Laundry room closet

Closets play a key role in decorating and organizing the laundry room. You should place them against a wall and match them with the wall’s colors or the colors of your home appliances, which tend to be white.

  • Closets have different shelves that you can use to place useful and decorative items on that you can use for your home. Aside from that, sometimes they have enough space to store home appliances as well.
  • The drawers are perfect for storing tools that shouldn’t be out in the open and that are easy to lose.
  • In addition, smaller cabinets and sets of drawers that keep things neatly tucked away are fantastic.

Wall color

Your main objective should center on your laundry room’s combination of furniture, home appliances, and wall color.

You have to remember that the laundry room has to project freshness and hygiene. You have to reinvent that conception of a dark space where rags and other items are stuffed away.

Your laundry room needs to have a clean atmosphere? Your wall color is going to be the main axle that the rest of your decor will spin around. Which colors are your best options?

  • Sky blue: there’s no doubt about the fact that this color reminds us of the real sky, which expresses fresh, clean air.
  • Light green: gives walls a clean feeling.
  • Gray: a neutral color that makes decorating easier.

Which kind of floors work here?

To properly decorate the laundry room, you can’t forget that the floors play a big role. When you’re looking for a resistant, sturdy floor, we recommend the following materials:

  • Ceramic tiles: you can find a variety of colors and patterns. They’re easy to clean, as this area can get dirty.
  • Laminate, wood, and vinyl: these three flooring types can look like wood, if not wood already. They’re actually quite easy to clean and don’t have the long-term complications that result from humidity.

Decorate your laundry room with plants

The laundry room is a clean, fresh space where nature should be present. But it’s not a place to overwhelm with plants. Instead simply choose two or three plants that’ll help create a more dynamic setting.

Where should you place them? If your laundry room has a sink and faucet, place the plant nearby, creating a natural setting with the water.

You can also use other plants on your countertops as well (try keeping them in a corner), on top of a closet or at the ends of a shelf.

– Plants always bring a home closer to nature –

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