3D Printed Furniture

Thanks to desktop 3D printers, the time and costs of furniture production have gone down, allowing makers to focus more on design and material.
3D Printed Furniture

Last update: 26 September, 2019

Today, you can find original 3D printed furniture alongside conventional options. 3D printing technology has come a long way and entered various sectors, including furniture, which has yielded exciting new products. Thanks to the additive fabrication technology, we can now create original furniture pieces that are completely unique and  personalized.

Additionally, 3D printing isn’t limited to just designing and creating small objects. The furniture pieces we want to show you today in our post won’t disappoint – they’re big, beautiful and vanguard.

3D printing opens the door for all kinds of designs. In our post below, we’ve prepared a list of original 3D printed furniture pieces that’ll look beautiful in your home. Our list includes chairs, bookcases, tables… each and every one of those pieces can help create an original and tasteful decor for your home.

Nagami and Zaha Hadid chairs

3D printed furniture chairs

Last year at the Milan Furniture Fair, Spanish design studio Nagami presented its collection of vanguard chairs. The collection boasts four beautiful, futuristic 3D printed chairs that use different materials.

Zaha Hadid designed two chairs in the collection and they evoke a colorful, floral structure. They redefine home chairs and stools. Additionally, they’re a great example of the versatility that 3D printing offers for architecture and furniture.

Di-lamp, personalizable lamps

3D printed furniture

3D printing technology is undoubtedly gaining a stronger presence in furniture design. In fact, it’s become a key resource for Pierre-Yves Jacques, founder of the LP Jacques design studio. The studio has been using 3D printing technology for some time now to create their vanguard pieces.

Not too long ago, the studio launched a new 3D printing project: Di-lamp. Di-lamp is a collection of personalizable 3D printed light fixtures. The collection also features matching home decor accessories as well.

But the biggest benefit that 3D printing offers is that it offers personalizable products. You can produce completely unique objects or one-of-a-kind sets.

Original 3D printed furniture – Simplus Design’s modular bookshelf

3D printed furniture bookshelve

The brain behind this modular bookshelf is New York-based design studio Simplus Design. The project, Supermod, made its first appearance a couple of years ago. Supermod is a modular 3D printed bookshelf that merges functionality with aesthetics.

Each unit can vary in size, allowing the user to store bigger or smaller objects. As for the material, the designers used a selection of opaque and translucent white plastics to create the bookshelf.

The plastic materials allow light to pass through certain units, creating an original optical effect. As we mentioned earlier, the units can vary from 35 to 60 cm in size and can hold books, plants, etc.

Furniture set by Rio

3d furniture set rio

Next on our list, the 3D printed Rio collection is a product of a collaboration between the design studios Integrate and Morgan. The collection features chairs and tables that incorporate 3D printed elements. For example, the chair has a 3D printed back and can be made in just 24 hours.

In addition, the studios use liquid resin or polyamide powder to print their chairs and follow a mathematical algorithm. They work mixing technology with tradition and create furniture that combines both artistry and new technology. They are impossible to make otherwise.

The same mixture of technology and artisan craft go into creating the tables as well, which feature a 3D printed leg.

Original 3D printed furniture – Puzzle chairs from Bits & Parts

3d printed puzzle

Next, this interesting 3D printed furniture example is based on a simple concept: assemble your own chair. An original Bits & Parts design, you can download this 3D model and print it for free at home.  An FDM 3D desktop printer produces this model.

The collection offers three different models: the Kids Maker Chair 19, Maker Puzzle Chair and Kids Maker Chair 39. Let’s take a closer look. The Kids Maker Chair 39 contains 39 pieces and weighs around 170 grams. So, you’ll need around 3.5 kilograms of ABS filament in each color.

3D printing technology is becoming more and more popular in the world of furniture design. It doesn’t just reduce cost and production time, but it also will give your furniture and home a vanguard edge.

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