Best IKEA Furniture Hacks

So you like their furniture, but have you ever thought about personalizing them? Check our the best IKEA furniture hacks and get inspired.
Best IKEA Furniture Hacks

Last update: 08 March, 2019

Ingenious minds and DIY-lovers have been using their imagination to  transform IKEA furniture into true works of art for some years now. Some are practical, others are just visual but they’re always surprising.

IKEA furniture hacks have their own hashtag on social media and have become so famous that IKEA itself hacked its own furniture in its most recent catalog, featuring the pieces in the backgrounds of their set-ups.

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite hacks to inspire your creativity. Take a look and get hacking!

The most inspirational IKEA furniture hacks

BEKVÄM step stool

ikea furniture hacks 1

This step stool is a classic that’s a must for most homes. It’s very practical for reaching the high areas in kitchens. However, creative minds have also found plenty of other uses for it as well.

Some paint it different colors and original designs to use it as a nightstand, while others convert it into a Montessori learning stool that allows children to help you cook and be safe while doing so. The best part about this item is its price: 19.99 euros.

KALLAX shelves

Ikea furniture hacks
Shelves /

You can work wonders with this basic shelving unit. Above, you can see it converted into a Mid-Century Modern  style open cabinet with the addition of wooden legs. If you have a knack for picking out decorative details, you can enjoy a beautiful cabinet at a fraction of the normal price. The 77 x 77 cm. size costs 24.99 euros.

MARIUS stool

ikea furniture hacks 3
Stool /

This next IKEA furniture hack is one of the finest. It’s a metal stool that costs 4 euros… imagine the possibilities! In the picture above, it’s been converted into a very natural side table thanks to a tree trunk addition and surrounding plants. But browse the internet and see what other people have done with this little stool: we’ve seen fur-lined stools (which is very trendy right now), fixed metal trays…

TRONES shoe organizer

ikea furniture hacks 4

The TRONES shoe organizer is another basic piece from IKEA. While it’s originally sold as a shoe organizer, it’s a great storage addition to any room. It could hold office supplies, tools, plastic bags in the kitchen or even toiletries in the bathroom as shown above. They come in packs of two and cost 19.99 euros. Tempting, right?


ikea furniture hacks 5

You have to see what this rail can doThe picture above is simply one of the thousands of ideas that we’ve seen after a quick IKEA hack search— and we love it. By using a couple more accessory pieces, the rail becomes a charming cellphone charging station.

The rail only costs 7 euros but the cost of the accessories will depend on what you want to use. For example, the metal pots here cost 8 euros. How would you personalize your rail?

TARVA dresser

ikea furniture hacks 6

This dresser comes from one of IKEA’s more simpler collections. It uses solid wood ready for varnish or paint, creating a platform for all kinds of hacks. This dresser is for a children’s room and, though it seems complicated, the only hack here is really adding a little color. The price is also marvelous: 69 euros.

MALM dresser

ikea furniture hacks 7

Nothing is better than a simple dresser to add your own personal touches. The MALM collection is one of IKEA’s best sellers, and we’re not surprised because it’s simple, beautiful and full of options. The picture shows two MALM dressers converted into a desk with a tabletop and the results are stunning. In addition to offering a lot of space, you can use it to work or as a vanity table. The three-drawer dresser costs 49.99 euros.

LURÖY bedstead

ikea furniture hacks 8

Yup, you read that right. You can hang a bedstead on the wall and use it for decor and organization. The best part is that it costs 18 euros and it allows you to use any kind of accessory you want: plants, clips to hold papers, a clip-on lamp…

RÅSKOG kitchen cart

Ikea furniture hacks 9

From the kitchen to the bedroom. You can convert this kitchen cart into a practical nightstand for your books. Decorate it and keep yourself organized with its different tiers. It comes in different colors, but you can hack it however you want. And the price? 39.99 euros.

The options are endless. If you liked them, we promise we’ll bring you more. If you try your own IKEA furniture hacks, share them with us so we can put them in our next article!

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