10 Steps to Creating the Perfect Home

Believe it or not, the perfect home really does exist. Follow our step-by-step guide, and you'll have yours before you know it. Do you accept the challenge?
10 Steps to Creating the Perfect Home

Last update: 18 January, 2020

Today, we want to help you give your home the look and feel you’ve always dreamed of. In fact, your perfect home is closer than you might think. Simply follow these 10 easy steps, and your home will soon look like something straight out of a magazine. So, are you ready to get started?

Step-by-step guide to the perfect home

If you’re about to move into your new house, do a full renovation, or you simply want to give your home a bit of a makeover, take a deep breath, and follow this step-by-step guide for perfect results.

1. Make a plan to identify your needs

Make a plan.

Sitting down and making a list will make it much easier to identify your most important needs and priorities. Have you got a large family? Do you enjoy eating out, or making home cooked meals? Do you love long bubble baths? These are all crucial aspects to keep in mind when it comes to creating a space that’ll make you feel good.

However, don’t forget to think ahead, and choose furniture that can easily be adapted or moved around. This will make things much easier if your needs ever change in the future.

2. Creating the perfect home – obstacle-free

Natural light.

The layout of your home is essential. Make sure not to put furniture in awkward places where you’re bound to trip over it, or anywhere it might prevent natural light from entering your home. Ask yourself questions such as, “Which is the best corner for that sideboard?” and, “Will that couch make the room seem darker if it’s next to the window?” These small details can make a huge difference to your home life.

3. The materials

Balls of yarn.

It’s not just a question of choosing a decor style or one specific type of furniture. Creating the perfect home is also about showing off the materials you’ve decided to use. It’s important to choose those that work well with your style and the life you lead. For example, if you have pets, carpet might not be the best option when it comes to flooring.

It’s also important to choose sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials, that don’t contain toxins or pollutants. Even the smallest actions count when it comes to helping the planet.

4. Creating the perfect home – be critical

Creating the perfect home - be critical.

Objectively, you should be able to identify the various pros and cons of your home. The key is to accentuate the positives and conceal any problem areas. So, if you have beautiful shuttered windows, don’t hide them behind thick curtains. Conversely, if your bedroom floor isn’t in the best condition, you could use rugs and carpets to hide any imperfections. A little attention to detail can be your greatest ally.

5. The color palette

Choosing the right color palette.

Here you’ll find another of our articles on How to Successfully Create a Color Palette for your home. In it, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to use color to create a sense of harmony.

6. Creating the perfect home – making your space your own

Creating the perfect home - houseplants.

The next step is to use decorations to give your home that personal touch. Once you’ve established the style you want, it’s the decorative details that will make it feel special and unique. Adding homemade items, natural materials, plants, and wonderful textiles that you can change with each season will make your perfect home feel much more natural.

7. Lighting

Choosing the right lighting.

Getting the right lighting is super important. What type of lamp you’re going to use in each space, the materials, how you’re going to combine them… All of these aspects can have a huge impact. Try to avoid any unwanted shadows or dark corners, and use your lighting to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

8. Creating the perfect home – finding the right temperature

Finding the right temperature for your home.

The perfect house should be neither too hot, nor too cold. To achieve this, it’s important to check that your windows are well-insulated. Invest in some double glazing, or at least make sure that they have a good, draft-proof seal. As for the heating and air conditioning, keep a close eye on the temperature. There’s no point in walking around the house in summer clothing in winter or having to wrap up warm in the summer. During the day, around 70 °F should be perfect, while at night, you can lower it to around 63 °F.

9. Don’t allow clutter to build up


If you want to create the perfect home, you need to forget all those unnecessary accessories that don’t add anything to your decor. It’s one thing to use objects and decorations to add a touch of your personality to your home, and quite another to fill it with things that don’t really tell you anything at all. Remember, less is more. A few small, key details are all you’ll need.

10. Creating the perfect home – multi-functional furniture

Creating the perfect home - multifunctional furniture.

One final way to make sure you create the house of your dreams is to choose multi-functional furniture. This could be anything, from seating that also includes storage space, to a handy sofa bed. You’ll see just how much these items bring to your home. So there you have it, your perfect house in 10 easy steps. Enjoy!

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