Throwing a Baby Shower: The Perfect Colors

Choose the best colors for your baby shower to welcome your newest family member.
Throwing a Baby Shower: The Perfect Colors

Last update: 21 August, 2019

A baby shower is an exceptionally special and joyous party. It’s a time to celebrate alongside family and close friends the arrival of your little one. Considering the occasion, you should make perfect plans to create a special moment to remember.

Today, we want to show you the perfect colors to use for your baby shower. We have palettes for any decor preferences, gender, and available decor resources. While tradition held pink for girls and sky blue for boys, these color schemes are changing into an endless amount of different  possibilities.

Baby colors really have a presence on baby clothes, baby room decor as well as dolls and toys. In our post today, check out the perfect colors and combinations for your baby shower.

Mix and match your favorite colors. Use at least two colors for your party decor to keep it from being overwhelming. Pairing any color with white is a popular option. Below, we’ll show you some examples of perfect baby shower color combinations.

Pastels with other light colors

baby shower colors pastels

Choose a pastel color

Choose a pastel color such as pink, sky blue or lilac. Pairing your color with another light color such as white or chalk will look perfect. They’ll create a beautifully balanced setting. Pink with white and green with white are widely-used combinations. And when you’re browsing party items like cups or silverware, try going for pastel colors like pink or sky blue again because they’re the most popular options.

A variety of pastel colors

Using white with a rainbow of pastel colors will create a magical decor. To pull it off, use plenty of white throughout your decor to prevent it from looking too busy with colors. Pastel colors look perfect with white and are simply gorgeous. You can also create your decor with rainbows, marshmallows, and candy, all in pastel colors of course.

Mint is in

Mint green is very trendy these days and a top choice for baby shower decor. Pairing it with white or a light, natural color will refresh and tranquilize your setting. Try using a number of mint green and metallic white balloons together.

Gray and yellow

A combination of gray and various yellow tones will do an amazing job welcoming your guests to your party. Try to use a lighter gray and vary between different yellow tones that suit your decor elements. Try fitting in tones that range from highly saturated tones to pastels.

Pink and lilac

Pink and lilac meld very well together, allowing you to create all kinds of combinations. For example, try using a bunch of balloons together in your decor and alternate the colors. You can also try these colors on string pennants and table accessories.

Pink and sky blue with dark brown

Pink, sky blue and brown is also a great decor trend for baby showers. As you’re using these colors in your party decor, try to limit the brown in a single decor detail. Dark brown has a strong presence so you should use a majority of pink and sky blue to balance it out.

baby shower colors brown pink sky blue

Beige, white and pink

Our next combination unites beige, white and pink, creating a beautifully delicate ambiance for your special day. Try to use pink the most, followed by white and then beige for small details.

Deciding on the color scheme for your baby shower will make decorating much easier to continue and finish. After you know your colors, you can go ahead and buy decorative accessories or make your own. Have fun with streamers, objects, dolls, balloons, tablecloths and welcome signs. And remember, never overwhelm your space. Instead, try to balance out your colors.

By following our tips, you can nail a beautiful decor to welcome your baby and celebrate this special moment. Colors help us feel comfortable so remember to choose your favorites. Time to get to work!

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