Create the Perfect Party Atmosphere with String Pennants

String pennants are the perfect decor for any party. You can find diverse options at stores, but you can also make them yourself at home.
Create the Perfect Party Atmosphere with String Pennants

Last update: 11 July, 2019

You can turn to all kinds of decorative accessories to jazz up a setting for a celebration. For both the young and old, party decor is key for creating a jolly, warm atmosphere. Want to learn how to decorate your party with string pennants?

String pennants are versatile decor elements that spruce up celebrations by adding a little color. You can find all kinds of designs and patterns for any party. They’re also easy to make at home and you can use all kinds of materials. Let’s get started!

String pennant party decor

Party decor isn’t limited to just kid parties. Though the circumstances and age group of a party will influence the decor, party decor is always important for creating the right setting.

But nailing the perfect decor isn’t always a walk in the park. Should you fill the entire room with balloons? Or will a “congratulations” banner be enough? Of course not. But you have plenty of decor ideas to choose from.

In today’s post, we want to show you how to decorate a party with sting pennants. You can find them at home decor stores but we want to show you how to make them with basic materials. Want to give them a try?

Triangular string pennants

string pennants trianglar

These classic triangles are favorites for children’s parties and adult celebrations alike. They’re very easy to make and you can use paper, fabric, plastic or cardboard.

Pentagon string pennants

This is an interesting take on the classic version. These pennants are rectangular but have a point on the bottom end. Colorful paper or thin cardboard works best for this craft as they’ll hold their shape. Fabric, on the other hand, will be hard to work with.

3D string pennant

3D pennants are party decor that nobody will miss. To get started, use paper to make letters to spell out a message. Next, string them together so that the message looks 3-dimensional. You’ll need to hang it from both ends.

Little birthday hat pennants

You can make this cute decor in two ways. Either way, it’s the perfect craft to decorate a birthday party. The first option is cutting out triangles of paper and decorating them. Or, you can make little cones out of the paper instead and decorate them with ribbons and other details.

Mixed shape string pennant

Who says that everything has to be uniform? Jazz up your decor by using different designs and shapes on the same string. For example, start by stringing on a triangle, then a rectangular and finish it off with a classic banner flag.

Making pennants and flags for a party

string pennant making

You can use different materials to create your party decor. If you’re just planning to use them once, consider construction paper or other sorts of colorful paper. Or, if you want something you can use for a number of celebrations, try felt, fabric or any other resistant material. Below, check out the steps for making a string pennant.


  • Thin string
  • Colorful paper
  • Scissors
  • Rings
  • Hole punch


  • Start off by cutting out your choice of shapes from the paper (rectangles, triangles, pentagons, etc.) Then, punch a hole in them and fit a ring on each one.
  • Prepare as many pennants as you need for your desired message or length.
  • Finish by feeding the rings through the string and then hang it.


string pennant decor
  • Using the same color for your flags will work well. But if you want to go beyond the basics, feel free to get fancy. For example, try striped paper for a retro or vintage feel.
  • You can also decorate them with colorful circles, cartoon characters, etc.
  • Remember to try creating a decor that fits with the celebration. For example, if you’re decorating for a children’s party, use plenty of colors or cartoon characters. Or, if you’re planning a classier party, use neutral colors like cream tones.

Ready to decorate your party with string pennants? They’re so easy to make yourself and can dress up any occasion. Just remember to use your creative side to personalize them.