5 Decorative Feather Crafts

Learn how to make beautiful feather crafts and use them for an original home decor.
5 Decorative Feather Crafts

Last update: 06 March, 2019

Decorative crafts make for some seriously gratifying projects. You could create beautiful accessories with your own hands, clear your mind through art and decorate your home as well. In today’s post, we’ll show you some wonderful feather crafts.

Feathers are diverse, coming in different shapes, sizes and colors. It all depends on the bird. Feathers are also natural materials that are becoming increasingly popular in interior decor.

Decorate feather crafts

Below, we have 5 original feather crafts for you to try. You can opt for natural or artificial feathers. While natural feathers are more visually appealing, artificial ones offer more sizes and colors. Use your imagination and decorate your entire homes with them.

feather crafts 1

1. Jar with feathers

Take a transparent glass jar and add several feathers inside, inserting them vertically. If you want, decorate the jar as well to match the colors of the feathers. We recommend using natural elements, with natural colors, to perfectly match the rest of your home decor. Gray or black feathers will look lovely in rooms that have white walls or minimalist decor.

2. Feathers on pictures

Another great feather craft is using feathers to create wonderful pictures. For example, take a picture and paint the frame black. Leave the background white or in another light color. Carefully glue on one or two feathers onto the center. And that’s all you need to do for a lovely feather picture to adorn your walls.

3. Feather garland

You can also make a feather garland. Take a piece of thin, white rope and attach your feathers by their ends, one-by-one, to the rope. If you want, attach them with glue and if not, sew them onto your rope if you have the patience.

feather crafts 2

Add plenty of feathers onto your rope if you prefer fuller garlands. Attach them close together to fill in the gaps. Or, you can leave even spaces in between them and fashion a delicate garland. Use your favorite colors and hang this beautiful feather garland from your walls or doors.

4. Feather lamp

If you have a boring white lamp with a light shade it could be a great craft opportunity. Start by covering your lampshade with white feathers. Glue them on starting from the top and work your way down, layering them to cover the entire lampshade. Use a thin layer of glue on the ends and centers of each feather. You’ll love using this beautiful white feather lamp to light up your rooms.

5. Feather curtain

Our last feather craft, a curtain, also yields gorgeous results. First, gather various long strands of transparent rope or thread. After, knot the feathers onto the entire length of the strands. These will serve as your curtain strands. When you’re finished, hang them from the ceiling. Hang them up one-by-one to create a curtain and you’re done! Enjoy your feather curtain.

feather crafts 3

They could separate certain spaces in a bedroom or in another room. You could also use them on top of your bedroom curtains. They’ll add delicate detail to your decor.

Choose the feathers that you like the most or those that’ll be easier to work with. You can use feathers of all kinds of colors and sizes to make your crafts. Use them to decorate the objects you have at home, create hanging objects or much more. Explore the infinite craft options these beautiful natural materials offer. Have fun creating and decorating your entire home with feather crafts.