Sewing Corner - How to Create Your Own

Do you often sew? Would you like to have your own special sewing corner and do so in a more professional way? Continue reading as we're about to give you some tips on how to create a cozy space to sew.
Sewing Corner - How to Create Your Own

Last update: 25 October, 2019

If you’d like to revamp the decor of a room and create a sewing corner while you’re at it then you’ve come to the right place, so continue reading. Today we’re going to give you some tips on how to do this.

We often get used to doing certain tasks in poorly equipped places. For instance, with poor lighting, without a proper table, in an uncomfortable chair or in a room that’s too cold or too hot or just plain gloomy. So you tend to feel tension and discomfort.

So, why not try to optimize a space that’s cozy and inspiring? Wouldn’t you like to have your own corner that’s destined solely and exclusively for sewing?

Find a suitable space for your sewing corner

A sewing space.

It’s important that your sewing corner meets a few requirements. These are some of the features that your space should have:

  • Pick a roomy place. It’s not good to have a room full of junk that just takes up space and where you’re not comfortable.
  • Good lighting is key for this kind of work so find a spot near a window if possible. Having natural light is very important as it doesn’t harm your eyesight like artificial light can. In any case, you should have good quality artificial light for when you want to work at night.
  • Have a good heating or air conditioning system so you feel at ease while you work. Don’t skimp on it, keep in mind you’ll spend many hours in this area, so you should be in the proper working environment.

“The best way to be productive is to be comfortable in your working environment.”

Accessories for your sewing corner

Once you chose the room where you want to work you should set it with the appropriate furniture and make it cozy. The goal here is to create a comfortable, bright spot.

  • A work table: It must be wide, in the style of an office desk. Keep in mind that you’ll use it to do tasks that will need plenty of space.
  • Shelving: you can place these above the table or next to it, depending on the space. Keep in mind that both types of furniture must work together. You’ll mainly use shelves to store your equipment and supplies.
  • Comfortable chair: This is essential and the best choice is to have an adjustable chair so you can minimize any damage to your spine. Make sure it adjusts to the height of your table. You can also add a special pillow to it in order to prevent back injuries.
Sewing corner
  • Flexo or lamp: You’ll need one of these in addition to any natural lighting in front of your sewing table. Flexo lights direct light to your table or to whichever spot you need it to do your work. The ones with clamps are particularly useful.
  • Sewing machine: This is a must-have. Obviously, it’ll play a highly functional role, but its mere presence will definitely make your corner feel like a place where you want to sew.

The rest of the room

A fashion designer's studio

As sewing is an intense activity that often leads to fatigue, it’d be convenient to have a sofa nearby where you can relax in between tasks. A place to stretch your legs and change your body position whenever you can. Of course, the color of the sofa should match the rest of your decor.

Another way to make the room feel cozy and comfortable and enhance the decor is to add carpet to it.

Color and overall look

In addition, it isn’t necessary for you to dedicate the entire room to your sewing activities so, use a corner instead. Do, however, integrate its decor into the rest of the space nearby.

The furniture and colors you use must also match. Use cool, light colors such as white, sky blue, light blue, gray, cream and green in order to improve your concentration.

As for the rest of the decor, add a touch of freshness with plants. These will considerably brighten the room and make it seem more comfortable.

As a final thought, try not to clutter the space too much. Remember, this is a working space where things should be organized.

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