Painted Flooring - A New Trend

Painted flooring is not only very on-trend, but it’s also an easy way to refresh your home’s style with just a stroke of a paintbrush. Have you ever considered using painted flooring in your home?
Painted Flooring - A New Trend

Last update: 21 July, 2020

Have you ever thought about using painted flooring? Well, if you’re thinking about redecorating your home, painted flooring could be an excellent idea. Not only can you paint your floors yourself, but it also doesn’t take too much time. You’ll be able to give your home the new look it needs without undertaking any huge refurbishments or needing a large budget.

There are plenty of products that you can use to decorate your floors that are both highly durable and easy to clean. You won’t even need to take up your old floor. Are you tempted?

Give your floors a fresh lick of paint

A range of colors.

Depending on which room you want to paint, you’ll need to think about what design you want to create. You’ll also need to consider what color and finish you want to use.

For example, if you would like to paint your living room, but your floor is a bit worse for wear, the best thing to do is to sand it, clean it thoroughly and then give it a radical new look. You could opt for a geometric pattern, a mock tile pattern, or a floor with a wood finish. This will make it easier for you to arrange your furniture, and it’ll give your space a creative and natural look.

However, if you’re just looking to update the style of one of your rooms, then the colors and finish you choose will be very important. If you want to be bold, you could use a vinyl pattern to create unique shapes on your floor.

Bear in mind that you might need to take a different approach in smaller spaces, like hallways or entranceways. Here it’s best to use light and neutral colors, otherwise, your rooms might feel too dark and appear narrower.

How to use painted flooring in more difficult places

An image of painted geometric flooring.

Painted geometric floor /

Painted floors can be a really interesting idea for areas of your home that get quite humid. These can be rooms like your bathrooms or outside spaces.

When it comes to painting your bathroom floor, there are many options to choose from. For example, you could choose flooring that matches your walls to create continuity in your space. On the other hand, you could lay tiles to create a bright, shining effect that gives your bathroom a chic and sophisticated look.

If you’re looking to revamp the flooring in your porch or terrace, there are a couple of trending ideas that would work well. You could create a rustic design, use oversized shapes or warm colors to give these spaces a new look.

Painted flooring for your kids’ rooms

An image of flooring painted by kids.

Painted flooring is well suited to kids’ bedrooms. It gives you an opportunity to let your imagination run free and encourage your kids to have fun.

Children who are fans of a particular character, animal, or who are inspired by something else, can benefit from patterns that have a theme. If the floor in your children’s rooms isn’t porous, then you have lots of ideas to choose from and you can make their room as fun as possible. For example, you could paint a city, a racing circuit, a Parcheesi board, or hopscotch. Then you can sit back and let your kids play!

The best way to paint your flooring

An image representing painted flooring.

If you’ve decided to paint your floors, here are a few tips to bear in mind before you get to work.

  • It’s important to know what material your floor is made of so that you know which paint to use.
  • If the floor has been painted in the past, it’s best to sand it to get rid of any paint residue and ensure the surface is porous. By doing this, the new layer of paint will adhere to the surface much better.
  • The quality of the primer and paint application will depend on how well it adheres to the surface.
  • It’s also worth bearing in mind that there are different types of paint for interior and exterior spaces.

Types of paint 

A couple deciding what paints to use.
  • Epoxy resin. This type of paint is usually for interior surfaces, as it’s a very resistant substance, even in humid environments.
  • Polyurethane. This paint can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces, and its special quality is that it is very durable. It can be driven over by vehicles and can withstand UV radiation.
  • Chlorinated rubber. This type of paint is best used on cement or concrete surfaces, given that it’s quite adhesive.
  • Acrylic resins. This is intended for exterior surfaces. As it has anti-slip properties, it is usually used for sports fields or zebra crossings.

Painting your floors is a very affordable and creative way to refresh the decoration in your home. Why not try it and see the results for yourself!

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