Metallic Chairs: 3 Tips for a Creative Makeover

If you have metallic chairs hanging around and want to restore them, we have some ideas on giving them an original, creative new look.
Metallic Chairs: 3 Tips for a Creative Makeover

Last update: 16 August, 2019

If you want to give your metallic chairs a face-lift, we have some easy ideas that’ll fit the bill. Do you have some old chairs you want to restore hanging around in your garage? Or do you just want to give the ones you’re already using a new look? Whatever you’re starting with, our tips will give them a creative makeover.

Every once in a while you should change your settings and take the time to restore the objects you use on a daily basis. Metallic chairs are resistant, sturdy, modern and perfect for decorating an industrial or eclectic setting. You can also use them on outdoor decks or in yards. In our post today, we have 3 tips for giving your metallic chairs a new, creative look.

1. Paint your metallic chairs

If you want to paint your chairs, first start by sanding their surface. Try to remove any stains or marks, the old color, and rusted areas. Wipe off the dust and clean the surface with a damp rag. Then, you can move on to paint your chairs.

Look for a synthetic enamel paint you like. Feel free to use the chair’s original metal tone or a different color. Below, check out our original techniques for painting your chairs for a creative result.

metallic chairs paint

Two colors

Try painting your chairs a solid color or choose several for the project. A beautiful idea is painting your entire chair in a dark color, such as gray or black. After, paint the seat and a part of the legs in a bright color. Red or yellow details will give your chairs plenty of personality.

Paint with different intensities

Choosing one color and varying its intensity is another great idea for painting your metallic chairs. Have fun with the inner and outer surfaces of your chair. For example, try painting the inside surface of the seat and the outside surface of the legs a deep blue. Then, paint the rest of the chair sky blue.

Following this technique, have fun experimenting with the chairs you have at home. Your rooms will look so lively and colorful.

Chalk paint

Another original option you have is painting the outside surface of the backs of your chairs with chalk paint. Then, paint the rest of your chairs with shiny black paint. With a chalkboard back, you can write or draw on your chairs with chalkIt’s perfect if you have children who like to draw all over your home.

2. Other materials

Aside from paints, you can also use other materials to give your metallic chairs more personality. There are some original ideas.

Add a wooden board

If you can fit one on your chair, try adding a small wooden board to the seat of your chairs. The wooden will give them a warmer feel. This combination of materials will look great in an industrial setting.

Make a knit for the back

If your chairs have a hole in their backs or don’t have one at all, cover them with a beautiful knitted piece. Use a strong material such as waxed thread to put on their backs. Use plenty of colors and give your chairs an original, creative look. Your knitted cover will go over the holes or spaces and unite two very different materials, which will create a very trendy contrast.

3. Add cushions

metallic chairs cushions

Lastly, another idea that’s even easier to incorporate to your metallic chairs is using small cushions. Fit cushions that you can easily remove or fix with an adhesive. Or, try a cushion that features strings in its corners to tie onto chairs. You can remove them easily when you want to wash or change them.

Regardless of whether your chairs are dark or light, you should use brightly colored cushions. Bright cushions will add splashes of color to your setting. Not to mention, the contrasts that they create will look gorgeous.

You can paint, restore and add different materials to your metallic chairs. They’ll look lovely in both your home interiors and exteriors. Have some fun mixing and matching your favorite colors and embellish your settings with beautiful materials.

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